Inktober 2018 #6 Kamei Eri

It’s the 6th day so how about a sixth generation member of Morning Musume. I’ve been obsessed with Michishige Sayumi lately so this time I chose Kamei Eri, probably the funniest member in Morning Musume’s history. She’s just so funny and cute in a way that was entirely just Kamei Eri. It’s no wonder she is a fan favorite for many people. On top of that she gave it her all in the concerts. It’s really hard not to like her. One can really find her charm in any of her appearances in Haromoni or any of the dvd’s she appeared on. It’s a shame one doesn’t hear much from her anymore after her graduation. I hope she is doing great as a “normal” person.

One complaint on the drawing itself is that I made the eyes too dark. I should have given them a slightly lighter shade. But over all I really like the way she turned out.

This time I only used my G Pen (definitely much easier to control than the brush pens).












Here is the reference picture I used from Eri’s photobook “Thanks” (her final photobook). I like this picture because it fits so well with Autumn.:








And here is the process for those who are interested.





























































That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,


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