Reina Tanaka Fall Bazooka

WordPress was not working yesterday so this post is a day late.

I saw a video of Reina showing some behind the scenes of a photoshoot where she was firing a bazooka with confetti that I thought looked fun. I had started drawing this quite a while ago but I got a bit busy and was left unfinished. By the time I got back to it, we had already entered Autumn. Maybe that was for the best, because that gave me the idea to make it a leave bazooka. Helping bring in the Fall season. From what I had before I resumed working on it, I still hadn’t started working on the outfit that Reina was wearing. Which has more summer vibes. Again, I preferred the way the outfit looked like it was a black dress that I felt fit the fall season more.

Here is a screengrab of the references I used:

Here is the link to the original video:

It’s for LoVendoЯ’s music video Shoot! Baby, I love ya!

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Beginning of Autumn Fukuda Kanon

We are now officially in the Autumn season! To commemorate this, I decided to paint Fukuda Kanon. I really like her current Aesthetics. Her eyes are seriously beautiful. So I really wanted to convey that. I was contemplating whether to use the dress I painted or use a different outfit. But I seriously liked the design so ended up using it. If I could redo it again, I would have mismatched the segments like the real one. I think it has more character that way. For the compositiion of this painting I remembered I could make my life easier by photoshoping ideas together. This made it so much easier to have an idea of what I wanted.

These are some of the references I used for the dress:

I wonder if her collaboration group with Tamura Meimi will actually ever happen? It’s been a bit over a year since it was announced.

I will obviously paint Kanon again, there is this t shirt that Metamuse has recently released and Kanon looks so beautiful in it.

I have so many ideas I want to paint… I might have to upload three times a week. We’ll see.

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Inktober 2021 Day 22

While looking at references for the drawings I have done so far, I felt like drawing some Sailor Moon art since the fashion there is so iconic. This time I decided to draw the titular character. I wanted a warm outfit so I combined different clothes from my references. I liked the original pose of the model arranging her hair, but since Usagi has a very peculiar style I had to accommodate for that.

I was going to have Usagi’s eyes partially opened but I liked the way they looked closed, it gives her a serene thoughtful aesthetic.

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Inktober 2021 Day 18

I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a Gunbuster piece before. Strange because I love that OVA. I was considering drawing Noriko in her trademark cross arm pose but decided to make a joint post for both inktober and Pixiv’s theme for today (Ginkgo Biloba), and that also fits with the autumn season. I’ll make that pose drawing at some point in the future.

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First XP Pen Artist Pro 16 Painting

This painting is somewhat bittersweet. On the one hand, it is the first painting done with my new drawing tablet but that is because my old Xp pen was no longer working properly after the latest Windows update. (I’ll probably talk about it more later at some point). I recently got a third job so time for painting has decreased by a good bit so I will probably be posting less than before. Maybe that’s a good thing though, it will give me some time to step away from a painting and look at them with fresh eyes.

Although I have only had my new tablet for a couple of days, I am enjoying it. The new monitor setup is a lot more comfortable as well. Man, it feels great being able to use Corel Painter again. I’m still a bit rusty with the oil brushes so this whole painting was mostly done using the sergeant brush. The model that will be the first painting is Momochi. I got the reference from a screenshot that I took from the making of “Hatachi Momochi”. Video Photobooks are great because I can get more references. Man, I’m glad I live in this amazing era. Thank you Momochi for making so many video appearances!

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Sayumi Michishige Autumn

Ahh finally, my favorite season has begun. Some days have already started to have lower temperatures but it’s still fluctuating quite a bit. Any way, things have been quite busy lately so I just made a quick painting to commomerate fall. Although I wish to make more. Oh wait Inktober starts tomorrow. I guess my time will be taken over by that for a month. The painting is a study of this photo of Sayu:

Hope you guys like it.

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Because I’m not popular I will get possessed

I thought that I had uploaded the process for this piece when it was only a drawing. But maybe not, I couldn’t really find it. In any case this is the final painting which was first drawn traditionally then painted over with Photoshop. Traditional X Digital. This is going to be a long post… Hope you enjoy (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

The original drawing was made quite a while ago but I don’t remember when exactly. Looking at the picture properties it says it was on May of this year but I’m pretty sure it was at the very least done last year… In any case I was thinking of doing it traditionally but cleaning it wouldn’t be enough to erase my mistaken lines. So I decided to hold off till I could paint it digitally in a competent way.

Because I'm not popular I will get possessed resized

This is the line art (which I later had to clean digitally… that took a while (๑⁺᷄д⁺᷅๑)◞՞):

Because I'm not popular I will get possessed V

References used:








This is the neighborhood photo I used for reference (I had edited the colors using Photoshop but I made the mistake of not saving it…. ◍´Д‵◍ )


I wanted to use this color scheme at first, but did use it for inspiration over all.


Rough draft (this was the original idea I had and worked from this):

Kuroko rough draft

Kuroko II rough draft

Kuroko III rough draft

Kuroko IV rough draft

This is the drawing process (Looking at the placement and tools, this truly was a while ago):
















So with the drawing done, finally after so many … months… here is the color process:

Watamote Honedge I

Watamote Honedge II

Watamote Honedge III

Watamote Honedge IV

Watamote Honedge V

Watamote Honedge VI

Watamote Honedge VII

Watamote Honedge VIII

Watamote Honedge IX

Watamote Honedge X

Watamote Honedge XI

Watamote Honedge XII


So at this point I remembered and figured it would be as good time as any to finally fix Yuu chan who I drew too big. If I remember correctly this was one of the reasons I decided to paint it digitally.


Watamote Honedge XIII

Watamote Honedge XIV

Watamote Honedge XV

Watamote Honedge XVI

Watamote Honedge XVII

Watamote Honedge XVIII

Watamote Honedge XIX

Watamote Honedge XX

Watamote Honedge XXI

Watamote Honedge XXII

Watamote Honedge XXIII

Watamote Honedge XXIV

Watamote Honedge XXV

Watamote Honedge XXVI

Watamote Honedge XXVII

Phew… 〝〇〟⊂(`・Δ・´)⊃〝〇〟

That should be all.

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Inktober 2018 #6 Kamei Eri

It’s the 6th day so how about a sixth generation member of Morning Musume. I’ve been obsessed with Michishige Sayumi lately so this time I chose Kamei Eri, probably the funniest member in Morning Musume’s history. She’s just so funny and cute in a way that was entirely just Kamei Eri. It’s no wonder she is a fan favorite for many people. On top of that she gave it her all in the concerts. It’s really hard not to like her. One can really find her charm in any of her appearances in Haromoni or any of the dvd’s she appeared on. It’s a shame one doesn’t hear much from her anymore after her graduation. I hope she is doing great as a “normal” person.

One complaint on the drawing itself is that I made the eyes too dark. I should have given them a slightly lighter shade. But over all I really like the way she turned out.

This time I only used my G Pen (definitely much easier to control than the brush pens).












Here is the reference picture I used from Eri’s photobook “Thanks” (her final photobook). I like this picture because it fits so well with Autumn.:








And here is the process for those who are interested.





























































That will be all for now.

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