Chavo del 8 – Barril is Unbreakable

This was inspired by some Mexican memes and of course Chavo del 8 (a legendary 70s Mexican show, that is still aired today and has been shown through all of Latin America). And well, by this point JoJo no longer seems to need an introduction since it kinda owns the meme world.

The name Barril is Unbreakable is not my idea, I first heard it from another meme I saw in Fresh Anime Memes from a Mexican Otaco’s facebook page.

This is the finished piece (finished on August 2nd):

Chavo del Ocho Barril is Unbreakable I resize

I made it using my new dip pen (or at least it was at the time) using the g nib. It was much easier to use than I thought (the manga Bakuman made it sound much harder). What I like about these pens are that I can change the thickness and the lightness of my pen strokes on my command. The downsides are that the ink can dry up pretty fast and gunk up the nib, which means I have to clean it in intervals as I work. That and since the nib is quite sharp it can scratch off the paper fibers and get stuck on the nib’s wedge. So yeah, it does require quite a bit of upkeep as one uses it. But over all I really love the versatility. All of the illustration was done with the same nib which I find quite amazing. My lines are still not clean, but I can pick that up with experience.

I should have made Chapulin Colorado’s (the character/stand on the far right) pose a lot more dynamic to make it pop out more…

I don’t really remember if I was keeping track of the process, but what I do have is this:

If you notice I made a bit of a mistake and dripped some ink on the top of the paper.

Chavo del Ocho BIU 2nd half I resize

I was actually planning on making it into some manga panels but in the end decided to just join them together. I first had to scan them and then join them together using Photoshop. The reason they are cut off is because I used a large paper that doesn’t fit on my scanner.

That it for now.

Hasta la proxima,


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