Cima Garahau 80s Shiseido like advertisement

Earlier this year I showed my youngest brother Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory (I also made sure he saw Top Gun first). After seeing it again I was really taken by Cima Garahau, she really is in my opinion the best part and most interesting character of the series (a shame things ended how they did).

One other thing I have really been into are Japanese 80s magazine ads. Over this year I was going crazy accumulating all the references I could acquire. Now my collection is around 1tb of pictures (this is going to be a pain to categorize…). But it is all worth it.

These are the references I used:

Sayoko Yamaguchi (pictured below):

Sayoko Yamaguchi (pictured below):

Up above are two pictures of Sayoko Yamaguchi who I came upon when finding reference pictures, I really feel that Cima looks a lot like her so of course I used her as part of the painting.

In any case, this piece was done both traditionally and digitally. First the painting of Cima. I wanted to emulate the painting style of the original anime and used my Knicker Poster Color paints to paint her but then used my Kuretake Gansai Tambi for the background. I wanted to loose details as I went further away from the focal point (which is Cima).

After finishing painting and scanning it I have to fix the colors since the scanning process dulls everything.

Once that is finished I then went ahead and started working on creating the ad. Since the main painting is done, now I had to paint the product. The hard part was coming up with what the ad would be promoting. After looking through Sayoko Yamaguchi’s reference pictures I noticed that she promoted Shiseido a good bit so after looking around a bit I decided to use their perfume line. And I painted it using Copics.

Once they were painted I then used my Gel Writer gel pens to write in the text and paint in the artwork. Thinking back I should have modified it more to make it more Gundam like, or at the very least modify it further.

After this I positioned them in place and modified them digitally by removing the modified Shiseido logo. I had to make a custom Cima Garahau text so that it would fit with the shiseido text style, and also modified their logo with a Zeon emblem that I also had to create by hand and modify digitally.

These are the original Shiseido text and emblem:

These are the ideas I had for the modifications I wanted to make:

Then I used this ad as inspiration to finish it all off (after modifying it of course).

And this is the final artwork.

Cima Garahau 80s Shiseido perfume ad resize


Hasta la proxima,


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