Honedge pretty much finished

I guess this wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be. Over all it was just a matter of making the scabbard part of it constructed with enough space for it to go in but also keep it in as well. The shape, sanding and finishing touches were all done a long time ago, but I was told to wait on the paint job. So it has been sitting there for quite some time.

But I was finally able to work on it again and finish it. This process isn’t hard, though it does take time to paint in parts since it will have different colors in sections. This process takes time since one has to cover the areas that will be a different color. Then one has to let it dry properly before adding a different coat. Depending on the weather this can take a day or two before doing more serious things. I will admit that I made a couple of mistakes choosing the right color combinations. In the end I had to try out a new technique where you slowly add a separate color to create a different tone. Surprisingly it was much easier than I thought it was  going to be. I remember trying something similar with my keyblades and really struggling to get it right.

no paint


first paint coat









The first ideas of what the color scheme would be. I got it wrong of course, so I had to cover it all over again several times till I got the colors the way I wanted.



The blade side of things. Much easier to paint.





Applying the glass eye. Worked quite well. Only time will tell if it stays witout falling off (though this stuff is tough so I doubt it).


It turned out great, and to think I found this glass piece on a job site just laying there by the trash. It turned out to be the right shape, size and was in a good enough shape that I could still use. I truly got lucky.


I had several types of silver paint, some were rather opaque but there was one that really had a shine to it. It looked amazing in the sun and where there were different type of light sources, so I used that one.


But I noticed that the paint on the blade kept getting scrapped off by the scabbard. So I decided to add some varnish.


Due to that though, I lost all the shine.



What I decided to do was to add silver paint without varnish to the sharp part of the blade. This would give it a more detail and accent the lines of the blade.



Sorry I forgot to take photos of it without the tape. But I did take video of it (I’m pretty sure). Anyway, here it is. All finished. All together with the scabbards final color scheme (again, sorry for not having pictures of the sword and scabbard seperate… or I guess I can screenshot them…).





Good, did record.





I was actually considering just leaving the bade as it was, but I’m glad I decided to paint the edges. It gave it a good look.

Of course all that’s left now is the sash, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

What I have learned is that most people won’t buy something made out of wood for a good price. They want something more on the affordable side. The amount of time and work one puts in is not something most people think of, and competing with factory made prices makes it even harder. I guess I will go the Japanese route of making props for cosplay and delve into making things with foam board and similar materials. It seems to be much simpler and quicker to work with. Though, I think I will make props just for myself and focus on the drawing side of things to offer customers.

Next time I wan’t to talk about two pieces that I have finished.

Hasta la proxima,


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