Getting Ready for NanDesuKan 2

This post will be a bit short in that I will only be showcasing the artwork and frames I will be taking and using.

You will notice that I am showing the Adventure time piece twice, that’s because I decide to trade the frame with another piece (the one shown at the end). This photos only show they artwork and frames, I’m still not finished positioning and framing them in the photos shown below (so please keep that in mind).

DSC01790 resizeDSC01791 resizeDSC01793 resizeDSC01795 resizeDSC01796 resizeDSC01797 resizeDSC01798 resizeDSC01799 resize

So these are the pieces and frames I will be using. Some of them I decided to just clean up and use as they are, while others I decided to paint up. For a couple of them I also had to create some backing paper so they looked a bit more presentable. I will show the end results tomorrow. It took me almost all day to finish them all, but I did it. (•̀o•́)ง

I will talk a bit more on my thought on the next post.

Hasta la próxima,



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