Getting Ready for NanDesuKan 1

So as I said in my last post, I will be taking some artwork to a local anime convention. One of the first steps I had to do first was choose the pieces of art I will be taking. Having decided to wait until I had a good amount of pieces I could showcase to the public I noticed my first hurdle, there are far too many to take… This meant I had to decide which ones to take this time around and which ones to leave behind.

Now, I was told that I would be provided enough space for all the artwork I decided to take, but I don’t wan’t to take too much space and monopolize the room! One other thing I need to keep in mind is frames. Rules state that they have to hang and can’t just be stuck to the wall (though I really wouldn’t do that in the first place). The most cost effective way to do it is to make my own frames. Wood would be to expensive and would cost almost as much as buying them new, so I did think of using paper frames. Although that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, I had two spare frames given to me. After seeing them framed I couldn’t help but like they way they looked, so I decided to frame them all.

This meant that I would have to buy some frames, a task that can get extremely expensive. So I did the only option I had, and that is to go to the thrift store. Luckily every Saturday they have sales which would really lighten the burden of the expenses. When I arrived it quickly became apparent that it would be so easy. I had to scavenge through the piles of frames out on display. I had to make sure they were the right size, or at the very least close to it. This took quite a while and two thrift stores. When I arrive home I found out that one of them was defective and broken (even though it was packaged in its original box and looks new) and another one was a great frame but would accommodate the pieces I currently have.

One thing to note is that I did have to cut a couple of pieces off from the original line up I had originally decided to take. After much thought I decided upon 16 pieces well 18 if I count the Keyblades, which thinking about it now is already a big number… I wonder if I will really be ok taking all this pieces? Only one way to find out I guess.

Choosing the pieces to take, check. Buying them frames, check. And I already went ahead and chose which artwork went with what frame. These were the hardest parts, but they are now finished. The next step is to clean them up, paint some of them and get them ready and packaged so that they are easy to move around.

Hasta la próxima,



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