First Drawing of 2016!

It’s not a finished drawing, but it will be the foundation for this years work. I’m surprised at how much I can do without references these days… my skills have definitely been improving, here’s hoping I can go even further. In any case, can you tell what this drawing is about, and who is in it? It’s only a rough draft right now, but it definitely captures my feelings and thoughts quite well. Since it’s so rough you guys might have a hard time seeing some things, but it is vivid inside of my head. It’s strange, I get all warm and fuzzy every time I see it, I just can’t help but smile…

Platinum Era Momosu ROUGH DRAFT I resize

The hardest part is to get the poses it seems… I have been wanting to do a piece for quite a while now, but I just couldn’t come up with a good concept. But now I feel really confident in making my art subjects do what I envision with out the need of references. Studying the way human bodies look and move has really helped. Every time I can I try to pay attention to the way a body looks and does things. I have much to learn of course, but it has made it easier to make movements/poses that make sense in an art piece. That is what I wish to impart in this drawing. Of course I will be using references to help make the drawing more lifelike. But that will be mainly focused on facial expressions and whatnot. This rough draft still needs a bit more teaks before I start adding more details. I want everyone to be “connected”. There’s three “connections” I need to make. I just have to think about it carefully so that it looks natural.

This drawing will be advanced as I see my skills up to par with what I have in mind… I get chills just thinking of me getting to that level…

Anyway this is a year round project, so I will be putting most of my effort on commissions and other projects. Right now I will be working on the three commissions I have at the moment and also work on the Star wars drawing I started last year (feels weird saying it).

So far this year has gotten off to a great start. Here’s hoping to make it better!

Ashita Mañana.


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