One Piece Map Final

I have finally finished this piece. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with this one. I only had a rough idea of what I wanted. And that was having the Strawhat crews Thousand Sunny with a map as the background. Other than that, I wondered along the way how many details I should add and whether to add color or not. Both seem appealing though. Which one do you think looks best?

I decided to “age” the map with coffee. This was a technique I used once in art class back in middle school. I liked what it did, but I noticed it didn’t darken enough so I had to use some water colors mixed with the coffee water to get the darkness I wanted. Eventually I decided to actually color the map to see what I can do with my watercolor skills and see if I could give the look of aged paper.

I took a bit with this one since I had to let the paper dry. And I actually recorded this one, Which meant I had to be mindful of the batteries. The video will be up at some point or another. I have some plans for what I want to have when I make my official return to Youtube.

Anyway, I have two new pieces I want for this month. The theme? Halloween of course!

Hasta la proxima,

XEROOne Piece Map VII resize One Piece Map VIII resize One Piece Map IX resizeOne Piece Map X resize One Piece Map XI resize One Piece Map XII resizeOne Piece Map Final final resize

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