Revisiting the One Piece Map of 2015

Back in 2015 I worked on a One Piece Map. And although I liked how it turned out, it was too big for me to scan it with my scanner. This led me to capture it with a camera. The problem was that I couldn’t get it quite squared and since it was buckling all over the place, it would still give me problems even if I did square it. At the time I wasn’t too good with Photoshop so I just did a quick fix, but it wasn’t that convincing.

Here is the new edited version:

I don’t know why, but I’ve always like the old map aesthetics.

Here are the original posts that contains the original process:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And here is the process of the new digital process:

I used the puppet transform to fix the buckling that didn’t allow the map to be stretched into the edges.

After doing that, I had to make sure the edges all had the same length. But this means that there is going to be empty areas which I have to fix.

I used the old gold background to fill in the empty spaces.

After that I fixed some mistakes where the ink ran out a bit too much, I believe when I gave it a coffee wash. After that I had to fix the edges so that they meshed well.

One thing that bugged me was the size and placement of the ONE PIECE text on the right corner. So I enlarged the ONE and then moved all the text a little to the right.

That left empty spaces and obvious seems so I had to fix that. First I duplicated the One Piece banner on the bottom layer.

Then I had to go over it with the brush tool to get rid of the seams.

And this is without the fixes.

And with.

And that’s that.

I have some new artwork I did this year, but I thought I would try and update some old artwork along the way now that I have a bit more skill in editing. Though to be fair, back in the day I wanted to do it all traditional so I guess I was apprehensive about editing things digitally.

In any case.

Hasta la proxima,



One Piece Map Final

I have finally finished this piece. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with this one. I only had a rough idea of what I wanted. And that was having the Strawhat crews Thousand Sunny with a map as the background. Other than that, I wondered along the way how many details I should add and whether to add color or not. Both seem appealing though. Which one do you think looks best?

I decided to “age” the map with coffee. This was a technique I used once in art class back in middle school. I liked what it did, but I noticed it didn’t darken enough so I had to use some water colors mixed with the coffee water to get the darkness I wanted. Eventually I decided to actually color the map to see what I can do with my watercolor skills and see if I could give the look of aged paper.

I took a bit with this one since I had to let the paper dry. And I actually recorded this one, Which meant I had to be mindful of the batteries. The video will be up at some point or another. I have some plans for what I want to have when I make my official return to Youtube.

Anyway, I have two new pieces I want for this month. The theme? Halloween of course!

Hasta la proxima,

XEROOne Piece Map VII resize One Piece Map VIII resize One Piece Map IX resizeOne Piece Map X resize One Piece Map XI resize One Piece Map XII resizeOne Piece Map Final final resize

One Piece Map Update II

As promised here is an update on the new One Piece artwork. I’m almost done, I just need to add some more color to it. That shouldn’t be too hard, but I have to go carefully since I need to let the paper dry up before continuing to add each color. On the plus side, now the easiest parts are left.

The first step I have done first is do some line work with my new Copic Multiliners. The second step was adding some coffee to “age” the map before I add some watercolors to it, and finish it up with some more pen-work.

Here is what I have so far.

One Piece rough II resizeOne Piece Map I resize One Piece Map II resize One Piece Map III resize One Piece Map IV resize One Piece Map V resize One Piece Map VI resize

Hasta la proxima,