My neighbor Totoro

I just wanted to talk a bit about this drawing.

This was actually the first Studio Ghibli film that I got to watch. I first saw it when I was a grade schooler. I used to check movies out a lot back then from the library. I of course mainly focused on movies made for kids. I made sure to check out cartoons all the time. What’s strange is that I never really liked most of what I saw (looney toons, batman, or other cartoons that were popular at the time). But then I came across this masterpiece. Even then I noticed that there was something different about this movie than all the other animated films I saw at the time. It was a very magical movie for me. And so I decided to honor it by drawing this piece. I thought of what would happen in the future. Would Satsuki and Mei still be able to see Totoro and company? I fIgured they wouldn’t and after a bit of research it seems I was correct in thinking so. According to Miyazaki if they had kept in contact for any longer, they would not have been able to return back to the normal world and gotten stuck in the spirit world.

So with that in mind I decided to have Totoro and the other forest spirits hidden as they look over them. Most people tend to do parodies about the bus stop scene. Personally, I thought it is a bit overdone. At first I wanted to do it in a different location. But then I thought, why not use the bus stop, but make it different than all the other art out there. Which is why I made it daytime. Also I made sure to study the location by looking at the scene over and over again. In doing so I remembered that there was a fox shrine right next to the bus stop, almost nobody put that in their artwork so I decided to incorporate it into my own.

I really had fun drawing this piece, so I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

On another note. I will be adding a couple of more artwork to the gallery so look forward to that. I will also be working on some new artwork as well. I have so many projects running at once, but I will push through all obstacles.

Till next time.


Print available now.
Print available now.

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