Dragon Ball Drawing

I have been working on this weeks drawing quite a bit. Wasn’t too shure how to go about coloring. At first I wanted to draw it like a manga page. Meaning black and white, using only my pens. But I decided to instead make it like a color page in the manga and actually color it in. I decided to only use watercolors and my copics (they are really running low right now). I had to think about every stroke so that I didn’t waste any ink. While waiting on the next moves I drew a couple of rough drafts for what may become the next artwork. But that is for another time.

I named the drawing “Goku, Vegeta and the return of F” in commemoration of the new movie that will be coming out soon. I am actually looking forward to it. Even more so than the first one. Hopefully this will be a lot better (seeing as the other one was more of a reintroduction to all the characters). In any case here are some scans of the artwork in the process and the final piece. Wasn’t too sure since I spent quite a bit of time on it, but in the end I decided not to add it to the gallery.

Goku Vegeta I resize Goku Vegeta II resize Goku Vegeta III resize Goku Vegeta IV resize

Print now available.

Hope you like it,



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