I’m back!

I was gone longer than expected. I had to take care of somethings, I didn’t expect to be gone this long though. What was that, a bit over a month? that took a while huh?.

Anyway, I do not come empty handed. I was working on some artwork, both new and old. I will post them below.

The first one is the To Aru Majutsu No Index drawing I had shown before. I made some modifications to it, and tried to get the actual color from the scan (for some reason whenever I scan my drawings they come out rather faded so I have to correct that). I added a bit more contrast in some areas with my color pencils by adding darker areas and lighter ones. I had originally planned to make this a valentines drawing, but I decided to instead take my time with it and bring forth a good piece. So, here it is.

Misaka and Touma - '... What's wrong BiriBiri' FINAL II  RESIZE

The only regret I have is that I made Touma’s hair a bit too long. If you can believe it it was actually longer than it is now. By the time I realized it was too late. But I made the best of it. It’s still a bit too tall but it doesn’t look bad.

Aside from that, I was also working on a couple of rough drafts on the next possible artwork that I will be working on. But here is a peek at the current piece I want to work on right now. I actually started this rough draft yesterday upon hearing news about what the theme of the second Dragon Ball movie will be about. I’m actually really forward to what they will be doing with this one now that they have re-introduced the characters to us in the first one and given us hopes about stronger foes in the future. Anyway, before I get even more sidetracked here is the rough draft.

Goku Vegeta rough draft resize

This is what I am working on at the moment. I’m thinking of trying out a different style with this one though. Minimum colors. That’s all I can think about to describe it. I have used this technique a lot when I first got the hang of drawing with color pencils. I just didn’t know how to use it with backgrounds. But I feel I can finally do it. Anyway, I also have another drawing I want to show off that has already been finished just recently actually. But I will post that tomorrow.

In any case thanks for stopping by, and sorry for disappearing for a while.


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