SPECIAL – A present to LinLin (Qian Lin)

Once again, I seem to be late in uploading this. It’s really starting to get pathetic… Sure this time it wasn’t a whole month, but still. In any case I seem to be posting this two days late, so I’m sorry about that.

As the title states, this time it is Linlin’s turn. The second of the only two Chinese members of Morning Musume. She was definitely one of the funniest, if not the funniest of the members. Her energy was always high, and her way of viewing the world was inspirational. I remember seeing an interview where she said that she would laugh in front of a mirror in the morning in order to get more energy. I found that to be an amazing habit.

I would most likely get along best with Linlin since she is crazy about anime and Japanese pop culture. Plus since were are both foreigners (to different countries of course) we would have a lot to talk about. And we are actually about the same age, she’s just a couple of months older than me.

It seems that she will also be debuting this year as a solo artist, which I am extremely happy to hear. After hearing the song that she composed and wrote the lyrics together with Ai chan, I know for certain it will be successful.

It also seems that she is continuing with cosplay, which brings me to why I decided to draw this drawing the way it is. Since anime and cosplaying seems to be a big part of her life, I find it only natural that I draw her as though she was an anime character. Which is why I chose to do a cute but cool outfit, reminiscent of what you usually see in an anime. I feel that a cute but kind of punk style would suit her well.

So far this has been the hardest drawing (of a Morning Musume member) that I have done. The reference that I chose was probably the culprit (since her left side of her face was darkened by shadows making it hard to apply the right amount of contrast). I guess I’m still not as good as I should be… Plus she look rather different these days, she is most likely using circle lens? I hear those things make your eyes look really big.

In any case.
If you happen to see this message:


Happy Birthday.

Hope you enjoy it,


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