How to Draw Challenge – Asuna Yuuki

request by: jackie85803 

I found this really cool cosplayer on the internet and decided to use her pose for this drawing. She was lying down on the ground and extending her hand to reach whoever the viewer was. Also, her body was pointing towards the other direction (if that even makes sense). In other words her head would be by one’s feet and her body would lay (from our perspective) forward. Which is why I had to draw her upside down. Now I know what some of you may be thinking, why not draw her upright then just flip the drawing over? That would be the easiest and perhaps the smartest thing to do, but I thought that it could be more fun to do it this way. As a challenge. Surprisingly I didn’t do too bad, although I did have to cheat at the end when I had to redraw the head (mainly because I didn’t want to use too much time). I hope you guys give it a try too.


Hope you enjoy it,


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