How to Draw Challenge – Lucy

Request by: monstermash012
This is the request for the ever so popular Lucy from Elfen Lied. This series has always been recommended to me but I seriously cannot bring myself to do so because it is so gory and from the series descriptions I have read, well they scare me off. Of course I understand that there is much more than just gore and death. For instance (from what I understood after reading a lot of reviews and story descriptions) it seems to touch upon what is really being human, what is truly good and bad, bonds made by beings and a lot of more profound themes. I am not saying it is not an amazing series, I am just not interested.

The drawing over all was done using a cosplayer and some references of Lucy I found in the internet. Although the drawing itself is not bad, I feel I should have put more details to make it even better. I’ll definitely go ahead and fix it soon.

link to the cosplayer:

Hope you enjoy it,


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