How to Draw Challenge: The Nineteenth – Nana

Request by: key1197

Although I have not seen nor read the series I know it is quite popular. Back when I was in high school I remembered seeing a lot of these books and also many posters on some of my favorite manga. I was asked to draw Nana, but after going through the internet and finding out a bit about the series I found out that the two main characters are named Nana. I truly hope that I chose the right character, if not then I apologize to key1197. It seems that they differentiate themselves by nana and hachi so I truly hope I drew the right person.

The scene I decided to use seems to be all over the internet and I am pretty sure it comes from one of the pages of the manga. So as to differentiate it a bit and make it my own I decided to change a couple of small things (mostly the hairstyle).

Hope you enjoy it,


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