Inktober 2020 16 Rocket

This was drawn using a reference from the show Shoujo Commando IZUMI. Recently I watch this channel named Kenny Luderdale who showcases old school anime and Japanese shows. On one of the episodes he was talking about this show which at the beginning was going to be a Sukeban Deka sequel but changed into a mix of a lot of 80s action movies.
His video is here:

I was thinking of doing my take on this one photo that apparently some people were thinking was of a schoolgirl Vietcong:

What’s funny is that when I was plugging it into the Google image finder it marked it as a photo of Fusako Shigenobu, leader of the Japanese Red Army.

But decided to go with this one instead:

I took some screenshots of some other cool scenes but I will same that for some other time.

While I was drawing it with ink I began to wonder whether what she had even had rockets. I began to remember that Kenny referred to her weapon as a bazooka. Luckily when I searched information about the bazooka, I learned that it was indeed a type of rocket launcher so I was still okay. Didn’t get a chance to ink or hatch it but I should probably try and do so for some more pieces in the coming days.

Hasta la proxima,


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