Suiryu JC stance

Since I finished that Fubuki painting I felt it would be good to draw Suiryu one of my favorite characters from One Punch Man. Definitely at the top (probably my favorite male character). It’s awesome to have another martial artist be a part of the story. I’m really interested to see what will become of him after the end of the tournament. Will he become even more powerful by training more diligently? It would be nice if at the end of One Punch Man someone would finally be able to put a decent fight against Saitama, and my money would be on Suiryu.

I really love his character design and fighting style. I don’t usually like cocky characters but he has a rather interesting arc. I really hope they continue to show his development as the story progresses.

The painting (done with a G pen and then shaded with Photoshop):

references used:

The pose was from this photo of Jackie Chan:


Hasta la proxima,


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