Inktober 2018 #14 Clock Sakura Kinomoto

Today’s prompt is “Clock”. I had vary vague ideas of what I could draw but then I remembered Cardcaptor Sakura. Then I remembered there was the time card episode (#12 for those interested). And sure enough it fit quite well. I was making up everything as I went along and looking at the references I screen-grabbed from the episode. Personally I liked the way it turned out, I wan’t to come back to it and take more time on it and try to color it.

By the way, Cardcaptor Sakura is among my favorite animes and my favorite Clamp series.

Man, that angle makes it seem like I am in the sky. It’s amazing how such a simple tilt can make a big difference. It might be a good idea to try and remake other anime scenes so I can study their impacts and effects.


These are the references used:







Cardcaptor Sakura clock tower VII

Cardcaptor Sakura clock tower VIII

Cardcaptor Sakura clock tower X


Now for the process:

If you actually read these and scroll through them you will see something a bit extra.

I was actually starting with my g pen but I made the mistake of once again trying out the Sakura Koi ink markers. And I just don’t really like the way they work or how they have color. Personally I would have preferred if they were more neutral with no color other than the grayscale. In any case because of that I drew it twice.

Original try:


















And there you go, I made another dumb mistake…


Was actually planning on only working with the top part of Sakura, but decided to go ahead and create the bottom portion of Sakura’s body. Surprisingly it went rather smooth.



Then comes the Koi pens.







It doesn’t look horrible. In fact it has a rather interesting appeal but would rather just use black, white and everything in between.


And here is the second try. This time I only used a “normal” pen, which made me draw much faster. Lines were all consistent so I knew what I would get, plus since it dried instantly I don’t have to worry about smudging the ink so no wait time to move from one end of the paper to the other.:


























Couldn’t figure out how to ink it in a time efficient way. I already drew this piece twice and I have more work to do so this line work will do for now.

Hasta la proxima,






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