New set up for future projects and some updates

These have been some rather harsh two weeks… I’ve been meaning to categorize all of my picture references that I have been accumulating over the years. I’ve had to do this before, and I remember saying that I would not allow that to happen again. But it happened… And boy did it happen. I found a folder with 15,000 that took me a week to categorize. Just when I thought I was done, another folder with 6,000 appeared. Then when I finished with that one I found another folder with about 5,000. But I went through them. I was pleased since this would help speed up my productivity in finding what I needed.

All was well for a couple of hours but then I made the discovery of another folder that I thought were all duplicates filled with over 60,000 pictures. I was utterly stunned.That’s when I decided to use a program to help me weed out the files I had already categorized. Seeing that I could do this automatically, I can’t deny that I was beyond ecstatic.

But to my surprise it only managed to delete about 10,000 duplicates. Meaning that I still had a scary amount of pictures to sift through. That’s going to take a while to do. But oh well. I’ll scrape at it whenever I have the chance. Sadly right now I can’t continue going at it full time since I need to start getting ready for the next convention and restarting work for my Youtube channel.

I decided to seperate a smaller amount into one folder to make it more manageable.

I’ll work with that folder than try to finish the boss folder that still contains

Speaking of my Youtube channel, I recently bought a folding arm for my camera. I was first looking at ones made specifically for cameras but they were all pricey. But as I kept searching I noticed that the same products made for microphones were a lot cheaper. $8 cheap. So I decided to go for one of those. I knew it would have some defects for that price, and that since it was made for microphones it would most likely have some connection issues.

Sure enough it did. The screw was 3/8″ but my camera takes 1/2″. I was first thinking about buying an adapter that was female 3/8″ and 1/2″ male. But the prices were a bit pricey and the cheaper ones would take weeks to arrive. So before ordering I decided to look around my house for a long flat screw that would take it’s place. Luckily I found two. What’s cool is that the screw is held by a clamp that could easily be replaced with other screws.

This is what I mean.

So that was all great and all. But now the question was about figuring out where I would be attaching it. My original plan was right in front of me behind the laptop, but that would mean I had to  lose more space in my desk and even my room because it would push the laptop forward  and since it isn’t a thin clamp, it would push the desk at least 3 inches off the wall. So I decided against it. I have a shelve I made right above me that I foolishly thought I would be able to put it through. But again putting it along the wall would not work for the same reasons, no space to even fit it in.

At this point I was even humoring the idea of putting it in front of the desk, and I would put my shoulder right next to it as I would work around it. It would have worked, but not only would it look dumb, it was also a bit uncomfortable. The other option I saw after thinking for a while was placing it on the shelve, placing it on the front would place the arm too far towards the back of the desk away from my work area. So that would not work, but from the sides it should work. Putting it on the left side would not reach the center of the desk, so the only option is from the right side.

That worked well, but I ran into some problems where the screw would point the camera outside of my work area as well, this time it was too far to the left side of the desk. But that was an easy fix. I just bent the screw with a hammer and that small bend fixed all my problems.

Here’s how it looks.

Now I just needed to fix my mirror so that it would show me my camera to keep track of when it stops recording and to keep track that it is recording what I need. Having that mirror is very important to make sure the drawing is in frame and troubleshoot as I record.

But this all brought an other set of issues. For one, as I thought an $8 dollar folding arm isn’t strong enough to stay in place with any extra amount of weight added to it. And it would only get worse as it got older and used more.With that in mind, there is no way I could add the mirror  I am now using which is big and would add quite a bit of weight. And since the only way of attaching them is to somehow balance it on the screw and somehow tie it as well, that was obviously not an option.

This is how I had it before with my old set up. It did change a bit over the years since then, but it was still functioning on the same concept all these years.

Ah, 2013… good times… You can see a bit more about that simple setup here. This works great if all you have is your desk and it has a good bit of space on your desk. If not, just get thin boxes and add some weight so that they don’t topple over. To connect it to your camera buy yourself a small tripod, I recommend the bendy ones.

But that would not work with this setup due to the smaller desk space that is now populated by my laptop and a second screen. I had to stop and think about it for a good bit. I was even considering buying a cheap mirror from a dollar store. Luckily I decided not to do so and found a much better solution.

This is where my shelve once again came to the rescue. And I was even more glad that the folding arm was clamped from the side.

This is the solution I found, and it works great no matter the height of the camera, desk or arm. And since the mirror is in a stand that allows it to be tilted at any angle I can fix it in any position that would allow it to be seen whether I am sitting down or standing.

Notice that small rope attached to the folding arm? Well that’s where the defects I mentioned before start coming into effect. As expected, as soon as I attached the camera, the folding arm started moving down from the position I had placed it at. But that can easily be fixed with a small rope so that it would stay in place no matter how much I use it. And the rope can be shortened or elongated depending on the position of the arm.

Here’s how it all looks.

It may not seem like much, but this will make things so much easier and versatile when working. I no longer have to make time to set up and I can make a couple of adjusments on the fly as I work. My work station has come a long way.

That will be all for now. I have to get back to working on some new work. categorizing and whatnot.

Hasta la proxima.


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