Pokemon Quick artwork

My little brother likes making his own wallets, so this time he asked me if I could design him some Pokemon artwork. He didn’t really have any idea as to what Pokemon he wanted, so I went for the starter Pokemon Fushigidane (Bulbasaur), Zenigame (Squirtle), Hitokage (Charmander) and of course the ever so famous Pikachu.

I started and finished them all yesterday, so I’m actually quite amazed at how much I have improved. Of course these are all simple designs, but they look good despite being drawn and colored in a day.

I tried having them in habitats that they would most likely appear at. Though if I made more time to think and design I would try something a bit more tricky and have some sort of scenario for the artwork, but since I didn’t do that I guess the backgrounds are a bit generic.

Here are the designs:

Pokemon wallet designs resizePokemon wallet designs II resize

Aside from the Pokemon, I tried doing everything without reference and only relied on my mental images of what I think things and places may look like. I’d say it looks good, no? I guess aside from that, I did have to come up with poses for the Pokemon. They actually didn’t take much time at all to think up. Looking at them now, Fushigidane (Bulbasaur) is a bit generic compared to the others. Seeing as he is my favourite, maybe I should have drawn it differently… Oh well. I was thinking of going over it with pens to add more details, but since I have quite a bit of artwork I want to do, I will leave it as is.

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