School is pretty much over

These last few weeks have been… tough, I seriously thought I could finish my last research paper in a day or two since I had most of the information in my mind. But as it turned out, I ended up having too much and ended up writing five different papers before eventually deciding on the last draft. I ended up cutting quite a bit from it. I hope that turns out ok.

Now that I am almost completely free I can start focusing on improving my art and putting some time for my body since I have been doing nothing but sitting these last few months. I made sure to buy desk that I can adjust the height so I can stand up as I work as well. I have to make sure not to neglect either side. I figure the biggest downfall for me is that I have tunnel vision and can only fully focus on one thing at a time. And that is incredibly annoying, so overcoming that is one of my goals during the summer.

Now that I have this all thought up, I have to start back with some new work and soon. We’ll see what conjures up.

Hasta la proxima


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