I’m selling my Keyblades

A couple of years ago I started delving into woodwork. After doing a couple of projects here and there. But eventually I decided to make my own keyblades. I made three forms. Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper and Oblivion. They took quite a while to craft them, but I learned quite a bit in those long hours. Having that in mind, I can craft new keyblades for myself whenever I want. Which is why I decided to sell my two keyblades; Kingdom Key and Oathkeeper.

I am selling them for $200 each. Interested, leave me message below.

kingdom keyblade Oathkeeper keyblade

Just in case, here are some close up pictures of the keyblades so you can see the detail better. Click or right click on them and open them on different tabs to see the full size.

Kingdom Keyblade Oathkeeper Keyblade

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