Yukinoshita Touma

There was a contest going on in Youtube where the objective is to combine two of my current favorite anime/manga characters into one. After much thought I came to a realization that I had way to many favorite characters so I took “current” to heart. In which case I chose Kamijou Touma from the To Aru series’. I like him a lot because despite being a “normal” human in a world where everyone is pretty much stronger than you, he does what he can to stand up for others and go into danger no matter the situation if it means justice. The second character is Yukino Yukinoshita from the “Yahari ore no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru” series which is one of my favorite new animes. It’s just such a great series that really touches the human element of what happens at the high school age, and what our choices can bring to us. Yukino is definitely my favorite female character from the series. The writer really thinks about the elements that make her, well, her. She is really deep, despite having the qualities that we all know from most animes, she really stands out because of her character. Despite having her own problems and having strong thoughts about what people should do in order to do better in life, she does what she can to help them out in any situation.

In that way both Yukino and Touma are a lot alike. But of course they do have some differences where Touma is a bit more true to his feelings and Yukino is a bit more conservative with them. This creates a great character that has depth and secrets but will open up to hearing about your problems anytime.

For the character I noticed that they both used dark uniforms so I tried to blend some elements from both (can you find them?). I added a couple of details that showmark some of their interests and special skills. Also since Kamijou is known for his MISFORTUNE, I have Yukinoshita Touma with scraped knee socks. Both are very sure of themselves but not cocky. So I wanted a very serene and reassuring gaze coming from her (my character). The hair was something I really had to think about. I wanted Touma’s spiky hair, but since it is a girl I also wanted the silky hair of Yukino. So I went with a combination of both that makes her both really cute and like a bit of a tomboy that can get into action at any time.

I seriously like the way she came out. I might use this design for something else at a future date.

Hope you guys like it,


Print now available.
Print now available.

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