New artwork and Disappearance Explained

Sorry, sorry. I was going to work on some Christmas and Winter stuff, but quite a couple of things piled on. Though this was my fault. I should have been working on some Christmas artwork a couple of weeks before anyway. So that is what will happen next year.

As for this drawing? Well one of the things I was working on last week was this piece for a client. The first official client after deciding to go pro. I got a couple of clients the years before, but again, this is the first official client. I will keep producing some more quality artwork to bring in more people interested in my services. For my first commission I have Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender. As stated before, I ran out of my Copics (well, at least the most important colors). So I used watercolors this time. After applying the color pencils on top I managed to make the drawing even more vibrant. As for Katara’s pose, I haven’t seen Avatar despite my brother and all my friends telling me to check it out. But since she is a waterbender and water is usually depicted as fluid, I’m guessing that they use a version of Tai Chi so I went with one of their forms. As for the water she is bending, I wanted there to be some contrast between Katara and the water. I wanted Katara to appear calm and collected, while the water was turbulent and fierce, ready to destroy anything in it’s path.

What do you guys think? (I’ll start working on the next artwork now)


Katara Rough Draft resizeKatara No COLOR resizeKatara COLOR I resize

Katara COLOR IV edit resize
Print available soon.

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