Next project/s 12/03/14

After much thought I figured I had many good artworks that were good enough for the Restoration Project, but I also found a couple of works that had some good potential but are not up to par for me to restore them. Instead I will be redoing them with my new skills, trying to bring out my original ideas and feelings and making them even better.

In any case I have a large collection of drawings that go well over fifty ( I haven’t counted them, but that seems to be about right). Anyway, aside from that I also want to do some Studio Ghibli artwork as well. Focusing on my favorite films. Another thing I want to do is make some winter and Christmas artwork as well, seeing as we are already in December.

But, before I do the winter theme artwork I want to work on a piece to commemorate the release of Kingdom Hearts II.5 release.

Here is  a peek at what I will call the “Re-do Project”.

The first drawing to go under this process is this Aqua painting.

Aqua rough draft resize

I had a good idea, but the drawing is very rough. I had never really used watercolor before (at least seriously) during this time, so the results leave a lot to be desired. In any case this is the drawing I will using for the next project.

Here is a peek.

aqua i resize

Till next time.


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