Artist Project Update 11/22/2014

My page is no finally fully optimized and ready for business. It took me a while to figure out what I should do and how. I’d say that the prices were probably the hardest thing I had to take care of. Artwork takes quite a long time to make and on top of that it requires a lot of effort despite what people may think. So I went around to see what others were doing. I found out that their prices were really cheap. So that didn’t really help me at all, but I noticed that they sold their work as prints, not the originals (some did, and for dirt cheap too, but that is a different story). In that instance I decided to instead make work that would be made for the sole purpose of selling them as prints. I still think that the originals should cost more, but I’ll just refrain from selling those.

I heard that it was hard to survive doing this, and people weren’t kidding. It takes a lot of time to hone one’s skills and actually make money from it. One of the reasons for that is because it takes time to make a name for oneself, unless one has the ultimate ability to make good work and make art that pleases the masses. It seems that most of the art that gets the most attention at a quick rate is art that relies on fan service pieces. And that saddens me. I don’t want to have to resort to that, it’s just not my taste or style. The only other route to take is the harder one where I have an impressive art ability that is undeniably good. But even then I still have to get my name out there. And that takes time. But it seems like my time has shortened. I need to make this  a liable career soon, otherwise I need to find another way to make money so I can pay for school and art supplies. That of course will cut away at the time I have for actually working on new pieces. So that will make my time getting there even longer, and that scares me a little. I seriously need to do something to remedy that. I have to make art that blows the minds of people that come across it. I need to figure out what my artwork is missing if I am seriously thinking of becoming a professional artist.

I finally managed to finish 16 pieces that I deem worthy of being in the gallery. But that is not enough, I have to make more even better pieces. My determination has been fluctuating recently, although I have managed to hone some of my skills to produce what I had in mind. I still see a lot of room for improvement. I will go ahead and keep training and see if that makes any difference. I have been getting a couple of new followers here and in Deviantart, but I have yet to have anyone buy any of my prints. That’s probably one of the hardest things I have to keep in mind, many people will be content by just downloading the digital copy off the internet. I have to become good enough that people will want to fund me and my art by buying prints or giving me commissions. For now that is my next goal.

till next time…


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