Another year of life

So, another year has passed. I put some goals for my self this year, and although I could have done better I did accomplish them. So I will continue to go forward. The future does seem quite shaky and uncertain. But that’s life… I won’t give up.

I guess my goals for this new year is to take things further and accomplish even more things this year. I also want to be more physically active and learn Japanese to a proficient level. I’ve put those guys in the back burner for far too long. It’s time I give them the time they need.

This is the drawing for this year. I was thinking of adding some Dia de los Muertos influences, but maybe next time. Today was quite a busy day so I wanted to make a quick drawing. I really like Yoshitoki Oima’s art style a lot (creator of “A Silent Voice”), so I decided to use her style for this drawing. I didn’t have much time for coloring either (I actually just drew it in about half an hour a couple of minutes before I started making this entry) so I will just do the line art like if it was from a manga panel. I was thinking of inking it as well but the day is almost over so I will leave it like this. Besides it looks quite clean this way.

Nube 2017 crop centered resize

Here’s to working towards a better future and accomplishing our goals!

Hasta la proxima,


It’s been a stressful week… + NanDesuKan Report

This week has been full of tedious and time consuming obligations. I’m still not done but things have been progressing quite well. Of course I haven’t really stopped working and have some things to show you guys. One other thing to note is that last week was NanDesuKan so I’ll talk a bit about that.

Since I went to two conventions earlier this year I was having convention fatigue. I didn’t really feel like going but I did want to take some artwork for the Art Gallery section of the event. This time I decided to take only some prints so that I could sell them for a lower price in hopes that I could sell them this time. This year I took the piñatas That I made all throughout the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Some have actually sold already, such as the Popplio and Eevee and have been comissioned to make another one. So for NanDesuKan I was offering Pikachu, Rowlette, Litten, Mimikyu, Totoro, Jiji, and I made two new ones for this convention. Goku and Kuririn. I made them as kids wearing their attire from their training days under Muten Roshi (I even decided to make their turtle shells the day before the convention).

Just in case you forgot or haven’t seen them before, here are the piñatas that I took with me.

Here are Goku and Kuriring that I made especifically for NanDesuKan.

The construction of the turtle shells using foam board.

And here they are with them on and painted (painted using spray paint). Tied with some garden ropes to emulate the ones in the series.

This was the piñata side of things. But I prefer drawing more, so of course I took some of the new 2d art that I have been working on this year. Thinking back I was learning more than creating this year. But I feel it was worth it (I still have a ways to go, but I’m starting to understand things a bit more now).

My original plan was to show these pieces on their own and before the convention so that those who take the time to visit this site would get a sneak peak as a sort of special “reward” for visiting the site. But I got really busy preparing for the convention that I didn’t have the time (those two weeks before the convention were also quite stressful). Luckily I did get not only the new piñatas finished, but I also had two new artworks done in those weeks prior.

I took 4 art pieces in total this year.

I made a new piece with the prints of the legendary Pokemon from X/Y.

I dumbly chose to do a Saber piece (from Fate Stay Night, I think). But that series can get rather complicated if you haven’t seen or played any of the games (which I haven’t). (There’s so many Sabers) So I really didn’t know what I was doing at all… This was one of the pieces I was doing right before the convention. Thinking back maybe I should have done something else, but oh well.

Done both traditionally and digitally.

This piece I had been working with during the summer. I took a bit of a break and did some minor tweaks right before the convention though.

It is Misaka Mikoto from the To Aru series (will make a post especifically for it later).

And the last piece that I offered this year is the other drawing that I made right before the convention.

This one is of Goku, Kuririn and Muten Roshi. (I will also make another post just for this one and talk about it more).

So these are the pieces I took this year. Now for the results. Out of all the piñatas, only Rowlette and Mimikyu were sold. And of the 2d art, all of them were sold except for the Saber piece. And out of all the pieces only one went to the live auction, that being the Pokemon X/Y piece.

On top of selling a good amount of them this year, I also won an award again this year.


Seems like I won the 3D category again this year. Plus I also won the Video Game Room Art Show award. Seems like the 3D award was for the piñatas, and the Video Game award was especifically for Rowlette. With that said, I assured another weekend pass for next year.

Not too bad.

Sorry I haven’t really been posting much, but it has gotten a bit stressful these days. And now the future is looking a bit shaky… Heck even the sun and moon were kind of ominous when the outcome of the future was put on jeapardy.

A bit weird but won’t deny, they looked beautiful. (by the way, they look red because of the fires that were burning on the west coast.)

Nothing can be done except go forward I guess… ε- ( ̄、 ̄A) フゥー

That should be all for now, I’ll get back to you guys later.

Hasta la proxima,


I’m back… finally

Well didn’t plan that absense but I got really busy again and also just wanted to focus on some growth as an artist that I was truthfully just putting on the backburner thinking it would be ok to continue in that way. Of course, that came and caught on to me which is why I had another failure when I attended the COAF (that second anime convention I attended a while a go now). It did bum me quite a bit, I won’t lie. But it was for the best. I was taking old work from a couple of years ago that I was really just experimenting on and really that had no place in a selling environment… So I will start again and try my best to produce top quality work. Though I don’t really plan on attending another artist alley. They are quite boring. It’s much more fun actually attending it and walking around. I’ve got a whole lot more respect for them (the artists that attend anime conventions) now.

Well, once that convention was all over I decided to rethink my strategy and change some things. I will make that clear soon. But what I can say is that I want to grow exponentially in skill. I have a ways to go, but now I have a stronger motivation to do so. I promised my self that I would accomplish my goals, and I will. No use in making excuses or analyzing everything. Let’s just get better and do. That’s something I have forgotten how to do since I got out of high school. It’s time I bring back that type of dicipline back in my life.

That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima.


Update and some thoughts part I

I now have finally finished and made a decision when it came to Asuka’s drawing. I will upload it on Friday and for now I will see what else I will be working on.

Now as for something else I wanted to talk about is the graduation of Sayumi Michishige. If I’m correct she has already graduated as of yesterday. This marks the last of the members of my ever favorite Platinum Era. I don’t really know how I feel right now. I feel kind of, off. Though I seriously can’t get myself to look at any of the new stuff that Morning Musume has made (mainly because I get nothing but nostalgia to about how it was almost 5 years ago now, and sadness because it is now all over). I’m sure all the new members are good, but the current Morning Musume. 14 is not for me. It’s for the new generation of fans and all the hardcore Momusu fans that have been there all along.

It actually wasn’t until recently that I found out that I wasn’t really a fan of Morning Musume, no, I was a fan of the members from the Platinum Era that ran from the end of 2007 till the very end of 2010. They were, just different from any other idol groups. In fact, Idol groups never really caught my attention. It was Morning Musume that changed my mind about what an idol group could do, and that they could and maybe even should be taken seriously (more on this later). And although I can’t do that for every idol group, I did gain some respect and even got to like a couple of other idol groups like Berryz Koubou and Cute (yeah I’m an H.P. fan almost exclusively). Though I liked and still like to look at the videos that were in the Golden Era and the Eras before the Platinum Era, I finally realized that the reason I liked looking at this videos is because I got to look at most of the Platinum Era members in their first years in the Idol world growing up before it was them taking the reigns of the group. It’s amazing how things turned out. I just get really warm and fuzzy looking at those videos and the ones during the Platinum Era.

What’s sad is that I can’t really get to enjoy much of the videos and content after 2010. All that comes to mind are the words; “it is not the same anymore”, “They are all separated now”, “Why couldn’t they have stayed together?” and “They were the best line-up”. Most of the members in the Platinum Era were good at singing and dancing, and those that weren’t like Sayu had other strengths that made the whole group even stronger. And that is what I liked about this line up. They all had weaknesses but they made up for it by working as a group, and that made them strong. And in my opinion it made them the strongest line-up that there ever was and ever will be. But it seems like the fans aren’t really into that. They tend to prefer the more electronic and autotuned songs more (funny, I remember when many people made a big deal of “Kimagure Princess” because they used a bit of autotune). What am I doing? I’m getting off topic.

It’s strange seeing how things turned out and my feelings that come out because of it. Ai, Gaki and even JunJun didn’t pursue singing, instead they went into acting. Ai got married (this was a big blow for me, specially because she married this questionable older guy). Aika stayed behind in H.P. but is now gone to study English in New Zealand (I’m actually quite happy she decided to further her education). Sayu was still in Morning Musume and has created this great bond with the new members (this makes me sad, somehow I feel jealous that she may like them more than the Platinum Era Members – minus Eri). And speaking of Eri, she hasn’t made a return after leaving Morning Musume after the 2010 graduation (man how I miss her). Luckily there were at least two member who are still singing. LinLin decided to go solo in China. She went with a more “children’s style” songs. Although I like that she is still singing I didn’t really like it much (well to be fair I am not a child so… yeah). I did really like her third song that was in her single. It was more her style I think and it was beautiful, I really hope she sings more songs like that. And another person who has been keeping my attention even after graduation more than anyone is Reina Tanaka. All her decisions I have really liked up to now. She decided to continue singing. So she had a rock band get together. I actually think she goes well with the members (strangely enough I have nothing against them, in fact I think I actually like them). She had a rough start since they were doing just covers for the old guys in Up-Front but after a couple of events they finally got to sing some of their own material. And most of the recent material is really good. I like the path they have taken. What I like most of Reina is that she actually said what I and many other Platinum Era fans have been saying all this time, The Platinum Era was the greatest there ever was. And she even questioned just how far they would have gotten had they been more popular. This… this just made me so happy. To have one of the the members of that time, and even a member that many thought really wasn’t enjoying her time with those members say these words. And have it be one of my favorite members second only to Ai (though they did fight that position many times). I just felt this warm feeling that it wasn’t just an illusion what I was witnessing. That was a magical time.

This is getting long, but I will just end it with this. Thank you Platinum Era Morning Musume. With Sayu graduated, now there are no ties to you which is sad. But, I have hope that someday all these members will get together and form something special that will take the world by storm. (wishful thinking I know, but I will continue to hope)

Here’s to hope in the future,


Artist Project Update 11/22/2014

My page is no finally fully optimized and ready for business. It took me a while to figure out what I should do and how. I’d say that the prices were probably the hardest thing I had to take care of. Artwork takes quite a long time to make and on top of that it requires a lot of effort despite what people may think. So I went around to see what others were doing. I found out that their prices were really cheap. So that didn’t really help me at all, but I noticed that they sold their work as prints, not the originals (some did, and for dirt cheap too, but that is a different story). In that instance I decided to instead make work that would be made for the sole purpose of selling them as prints. I still think that the originals should cost more, but I’ll just refrain from selling those.

I heard that it was hard to survive doing this, and people weren’t kidding. It takes a lot of time to hone one’s skills and actually make money from it. One of the reasons for that is because it takes time to make a name for oneself, unless one has the ultimate ability to make good work and make art that pleases the masses. It seems that most of the art that gets the most attention at a quick rate is art that relies on fan service pieces. And that saddens me. I don’t want to have to resort to that, it’s just not my taste or style. The only other route to take is the harder one where I have an impressive art ability that is undeniably good. But even then I still have to get my name out there. And that takes time. But it seems like my time has shortened. I need to make this  a liable career soon, otherwise I need to find another way to make money so I can pay for school and art supplies. That of course will cut away at the time I have for actually working on new pieces. So that will make my time getting there even longer, and that scares me a little. I seriously need to do something to remedy that. I have to make art that blows the minds of people that come across it. I need to figure out what my artwork is missing if I am seriously thinking of becoming a professional artist.

I finally managed to finish 16 pieces that I deem worthy of being in the gallery. But that is not enough, I have to make more even better pieces. My determination has been fluctuating recently, although I have managed to hone some of my skills to produce what I had in mind. I still see a lot of room for improvement. I will go ahead and keep training and see if that makes any difference. I have been getting a couple of new followers here and in Deviantart, but I have yet to have anyone buy any of my prints. That’s probably one of the hardest things I have to keep in mind, many people will be content by just downloading the digital copy off the internet. I have to become good enough that people will want to fund me and my art by buying prints or giving me commissions. For now that is my next goal.

till next time…


New Changes Coming To This Space

I have been absent for a couple of weeks now (no, more like months). But that was all because I was working on some new projects that I hoped I would be able to implement to this website. Back in high school I didn’t really have much of a plan of what I really wanted to do. That of course created a lot of worry within me. I knew what I liked to do, I knew what I was really good at. But in the end I felt it might have been best to try and follow the steps of the many people around me. I seriously believed I had to be like everyone else to be successful. Thinking back, I wonder what had come over me. I was never one to be a follower, I always followed what I liked or believed was right. In the end though, it seems I lost sight of all of that with all the stress that accumulated at that time. I remember being asked if I would pursue a career using my artistic abilities, at that time I just thought it would be nothing but a dream. Something I could only wish for, but nothing more than that. I seriously did not believe I could survive in this world by doing what I loved. I was wrong.


After struggling in a job I did not enjoy for a couple of years and trying out others, I realized that what I wanted most was not impossible. I would have to struggle even more, I would go through many downfalls, I would feel lost a lot of the time, but it would all be worth it once I began creating things with my hand. It would be worth the struggle as long as there was a chance to accomplish my dreams of using my skills to go through life instead of crawling through it miserably. Though this path has a lot of hardships, this is something well worth doing. If I fail at least I gave it a shot and would not be tormented with what if’s. And if I persevere and accomplish my goals, I will be the happiest me possible. And for that reason I will forge ahead as long as possible.


I hope you guys can help make that possible.