New Changes Coming To This Space

I have been absent for a couple of weeks now (no, more like months). But that was all because I was working on some new projects that I hoped I would be able to implement to this website. Back in high school I didn’t really have much of a plan of what I really wanted to do. That of course created a lot of worry within me. I knew what I liked to do, I knew what I was really good at. But in the end I felt it might have been best to try and follow the steps of the many people around me. I seriously believed I had to be like everyone else to be successful. Thinking back, I wonder what had come over me. I was never one to be a follower, I always followed what I liked or believed was right. In the end though, it seems I lost sight of all of that with all the stress that accumulated at that time. I remember being asked if I would pursue a career using my artistic abilities, at that time I just thought it would be nothing but a dream. Something I could only wish for, but nothing more than that. I seriously did not believe I could survive in this world by doing what I loved. I was wrong.


After struggling in a job I did not enjoy for a couple of years and trying out others, I realized that what I wanted most was not impossible. I would have to struggle even more, I would go through many downfalls, I would feel lost a lot of the time, but it would all be worth it once I began creating things with my hand. It would be worth the struggle as long as there was a chance to accomplish my dreams of using my skills to go through life instead of crawling through it miserably. Though this path has a lot of hardships, this is something well worth doing. If I fail at least I gave it a shot and would not be tormented with what if’s. And if I persevere and accomplish my goals, I will be the happiest me possible. And for that reason I will forge ahead as long as possible.


I hope you guys can help make that possible.



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