New additions to the gallery!

Sorry I know I tend to disappear quite a bit, but I had to take care of some paperwork that decides my future for the next two years among other duties I had to keep. But fear not for I was also working on some artwork along the way. I guess what I will be posting is not new, but it has been refined now that I have leveled up my skills. There are some other artworks that will be getting this treatment so look forward to that. If I have some more time I will also be adding some more info on other posts I left unfinished as well. Now that the year is ending I’m actually getting a bit more time to work on all this so I hope to add some more content. Please look forward to that.

A couple more pictures will be added momentarily (these will be added to the gallery soon).

Miku Hatsune FINAL edit 11-14-14 versionII resize Aqua Terra Ventus FINAL edit 11-14-14 version II resize Godzilla vs gypsy danger versionII resize

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