Hatsune Miku Final

Materials- Copics: C1, C3, C5, C7, W1, W3, W5, W7, B0000, B01, B21, B24, B28, B32, B34, BG13, BV00, E00, E31, E33, R27, YR65, Y26, Y28, R00, RRV11, G09, 100

Sakura Koi watercolors:  Black, Gray, Blue, White, Yellow, Red

PrismaColor: PC 1069PC 1060, PC1063, PC 904, PC 935, PC 927, PC 950, PC 1084, PC 917, PC 918, PC1051, PC 906, PC 992, PC 1006, PC 928, PC 930, PC 925, PC 940, PC 915, PC 903, PC 905, PC 941, PC 938, PC 948, PC 1065, PC 997, PC 1034, PC 1072, PC 994, PC 1074

I finally managed to finish my Hatsune Miku drawing. So this is what I manged to do with it.

So if you remember this is where we last left off.

Hatsune Miku Colored resized

And this is how it looks when I added a some Color pencils, as promised I will add more pictures showcasing the process.

Hatsune Miku Colored II resize edit II Hatsune Miku Colored III resize edit II Hatsune Miku Colored FINAL resize edit II

The first one has some color pencil added to the background and a bit on Hatsune Miku. On the second one I added a bit more color to Miku’s skin and added a couple of light effects coming from the sun. I was surprised at how easy I was able to pull it off, the rainbow glare effects came out quite well. Also, I added some lighting to Miku’s eyes and some glowing effects around Miku’s body. One thing I did not like about how she looked before was her face. I didn’t really like some of the features so I decided to soften them and change a couple of things like her left eye. I feel she looks better now.

I wonder what name I should give this drawing? Anyway, what do you guys think?

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