XERO Drawing OPERATION – Tiger

It is a new year and also a new era for this channel. After drawing requests for two years using this channel and my closed account: zero9archangel, I have come to the realization that it was finally time for me to be selfish and start drawing what actually interested me. In any case, I would like to thank anyone and everyone who either participated by asking for requests or just happened to stop by from time to time to watch my videos.

How to draw Challenge was designed for me, so that I could try out various different art styles (which mainly seemed to focus on anime and manga). One other challenge was so that I could try and increase my speed when drawing while still maintaining good form and technique which would become apparent at the end, when the drawing was actually finished. Doing good speed drawings was … tough. It seemed that my drawings always seemed to lack something, I just couldn’t really figure out what though. And then I started drawing for my self these past few months, and that is when I realized the difference of a rushed drawing and one that had an ok amount of time given to it. Getting frustrated and wanting to produce better pieces I decided to give in to my selfish desires. Not only will I not be taking requests, but drawings might not be posted on a scheduled basis as they were before. This will give me the freedom to draw to my hearts content.

But you as the viewer will also gain something. A much better display of my skills and what can be possible to create with just your hands and a pencil. I also plan to incorporate color every once in a while. So I hope you will look forward to that.

Aside from this, I am also starting a new project where I draw a character from an anime/manga or game and draw them the way they would look in real life. I plan to call this project: “If they were real”. My plans are to determine every single factor from name to nationality and any descriptions till I can finally flesh out a character. I’ve noticed that many artists just get characters and completely change them, mainly making them white despite being Japanese or from some other ethnicity. So I hope you guys look forward to that.

Lastly I suppose I should talk at least a little bit about this drawing. If I could liken my self to any animal it would definitely be the tiger. That amazing power, agility and speed they possess is something I have always tried to achieve. There reputation around the world is definitely noteworthy. And let’s not forget about their aesthetics either, they are amazingly beautiful animals. Having looked up to them, I have had an urge to draw one for quite some time. Looking at the the many types of tigers out there I would probably be a Sumatran Tiger, although they are not the biggest they are still rather fierce. And there is something about that cheek hair that looks cool.

It would be utterly amazing if I could achieve a title that reads: The Tiger Emperor Xero, when it comes to drawing. Although that’s clearly me just fantasizing.

Hope you enjoy it,



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