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(update: Not really doing them anymore – 9-5-18)

I have actually given hints about this on some of my earlier posts, and the time has finally arrived for me to unveil a new area I will be dealing with on this space…Piñatas. I wanted to find a way to meld my love for anime and games into some of my culture, and what better way to do that then to make a traditional symbol of every new year that a person goes through. Using skills I learned back when I was only a few years old and some of the new skill I developed through drawing. The result is actually much better then I could have imagined.

One of the things I noticed was that most of the Piñatas I found here in the states have lost alot of the original quality they once used to have. I actually was searching to see if anyone out there had anything I had envisioned and to my surprise there were none. One thing I did notice was that most of the best if not the best Piñatas were found in Mexico (my motherland). Almost all of them had a great likeness to what they were supposed to be. While here in the states most had only two types of Piñatas. The first kind were oddly shaped and gave a hard time to the viewer who was trying to figure out what character the Piñata was supposed to be. The second kind were  just plain Piñatas that just had a picture of the character on it, and that was it. Many of them were poorly made, some already breaking apart before even being used. It seems that the two original methods have been discarded for a more simple carton base instead of the sturdy “engrudo” and newspapers or it’s other counterpart made with clay (not as common anymore since it can me a bit dangerous).

I of course have decided to use the “engrudo” and newspaper method which can be very manageable and flexible when making creations. the results are a very strong (you would be surprised at how hard these can be made) and sturdy body, but also very light which makes it ideal for Piñatas.

The story about how Piñatas came to be can be read here:

or here:

Please note that many of the stories have different variations

So if you ever wanted a certain type of piñata but never seemed to find it anywhere else here is the place to do so. Browse through the already made piñatas or customize your own. The designs are made to look as good as an actual collectors figure, having most of the details taken cared of. I have invested all of my abilities so that they are deemed as art pieces that can be collected, but with the characteristics of an actual Piñata ready to get busted to realease the goods of your choosing.

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