Strange Figure In the Sky

Today while me and my younger brother were walking on a path back home at around 8:20 – 8:25 we witnessed a strange light over our heads. My brother was the first to notice it. At first glance he believed it was a star, and he excitedly told me so as he pointed up (he was excited because it was not dark outside at all, in fact the sun was blazing through all our sky by this time). As I looked up I almost instantly saw the light he was talking about, and for about a second I was about to confirm him. But by chance I stayed looking at it and noticed something weird about it, it was rotating in a weird fashion. And what was even more odd was that the shape was not spherical, it was elongated. The thoughts began to form in my mind about what it could be, the first thought were that it might be a balloon of some sort but as I kept staring I couldn’t help but rule it out. No whatever it was, this object was much larger considering just how high up it looked in the sky. I deduced that it was hovering above our athmosphere The next thing that came to mind was a satellite, I was almost possitive that it must have been that, or at least I wanted myself to think that way. But as me and my brother kept staring we just couldn’t help but think it might actually be extraterrestial, the object was rotating far too fast and was also zooming past the sky at an incredible rate (considering the distance it had to travel if it truly was in space). After a couple of short minutes the object was beggining to mask it self within the glare of the sun until we lost site of it. Now I wonder just how many other objects we are missing because of the daylight through our lifes, especially because almost all of us have lost the ability to look up and wonder what might be there?

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