Inktober 2018 #9 Leaf

Just something simple and fast so I can work on another piece. Funnily enough it was a rather tough piece. Not because it don’t have the skills but because the pen kept skipping and dropping not enough ink or noticeable droplets that messed with the values. Because of that I was forced to work with darker and darker values. A shame because I was aiming to try and get it to look realistic.





Here is the process:

While I was refilling this little container where I keep the ink I wasn’t thinking and allowed an ink bubble to burst which of course fell onto the paper. After ending the cycle of mistakes I go and make simple and dumb one.
















I was actually planning to finish it at this point, but when uploading the pictures to my pc I saw that it would be an easy fix if I pushed the values further.






So I did and ended with this.





Hasta la proxima,





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