DarkCloudXERO Let’sDraw Episode 2 Featherine Augustus Aurora

It seems like I can make videos much faster having finished the base work. But they still take a good bit of time…

Luckily I have this one done and I have finished most of my school work so I should finally have some time to work on some personal artwork (oh yeah and spring break is next week)!.

Video requested by: Ayoub Barakat

reference picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/darkcloudxero/40750071082/in/dateposted-public/

Didn’t get any special instructions for this video so there really isn’t any commentary (aside from the introduction, this one blunder during the video and the ending). If you guys have any questions let me know.
Whenever I don’t get special instructions I will just re-draw some of the official work that is out there.

Music used is vaporwave and Future Funk. I tried contacting the artist but they haven’t replied. I’ve also notice that some videos have been removed by the original record labels that these songs were sampled from. So this video might get taken down. For now it is just a test, so this music format might change.

Videos aren’t monetized and while uploading I already got claimed, but it seems like I can keep the video up, though they will make whatever monetization this video makes. So whatever ads appear aren’t placed by me.

Music can be found here (formated as Artist – Album):

Night Tempo – Soundcloud Collection

YUNG BAE – Bae: Side B


A series of videos where I help people draw. I make these videos on requests. So if you need help drawing someone or something, leave a message.



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