Recounting Nan Desu Kan 2016 – 1 “The Arrival”

Sorry, I didn’t post anything yesterday because I had to go into study mode and do all the homework I had piled up and study for the test today.

But that is now finally done, for now anyway.

So let’s do some story telling of my voyage of my experience during Nan Desu Kan 2016. And to go along with that, my first taste of showcasing and selling my art at an anime convention. In a way this was my debut.

First day is Friday, September 2. I was under a lot of pressure right away, I had to take care of some obligations then finish packing all the artwork in a way that would be easy to move about to the convention. This was especially important because we (my brother and friend were helping me carry the artwork, and of course we were going together to the convention as we do every year) had to take a light rail and even then, walk part of the way.

So my original idea was to bind the frames together in reasonable amounts to distribute the weight (which I did), but I was also contemplating making them into backpacks so that it would be easier to move about and not have to carry them with our hands. But as one would expect things don’t go as planned since I was running low on time and wanted to arrive at the very least in the early minutes of 1 pm when artists were allowed to bring in their artwork. I instead decided to just bind them and drive to the light rail station and carry the artwork on the light rail and the rest of the way. Keep in mind that I also had to carry two keyblades so me and another person had to carry the frames on one hand and the keyblade on the other. This quickly became tricky because we had to be wary of the people that filled the streets of downtown where the convention is now being held since last year. I’m glad we have a bigger venue, but I really don’t like that we are downtown. With all those NORMIES… (a joke.. or is it).

Anyway I am really thankful to my brother and my friend for helping me out since carrying all that weight by grasping the small ropes must have been bothersome (I carried the frames sideways and used the rope only to keep the frames from spilling, so luckily I was ok). What I found really strange is that there was a drought of cosplayers when we got off the light rail. I was even wondering if we were going on the right day to the convention. But surely enough as we walked closer to our destination more and more people who were clearly there for the convention started to pop up and soon became plentiful. Finally after walking under the hot sun for a good couple of blocks we made it to the hotel which would hosts NDK.

This year we didn’t order our passes so we still had to buy them before we could really do anything. This is when we divided into two groups, my brother and friend would go to buy the passes and I would wait in the hotel lobby (that sentence reminds me so much of that Utada Hikaru song) in the meantime looking after my artwork. I was really unsure whether they would even allow me to hang my work without my pass while it was being purchased. So I decided to just wait and play it safe.

Here are a couple of pictures I took while waiting:

This one is of my artwork which I placed up on this wall in the lobby, if you look closely you can see the wrapping of the frames which helped us carry them to the convention.


And these next two are of the lobby, where you can see people checking in and walking around.


That is my arrival. I will end it here for now. But will continue tomorrow, where I finally get to set up my artwork, make an irritating discovery and showcase some Cosplayers! Tune in next time on the next episode of DarkcloudXERO Z!

Hasta la próxima,


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