Xero Drawing – Kirito (COMMENTARY)

Time spent: about 6 hours (sorry lost actual time)

Materials used: mechanical pencil, ruler, eraser,
Sakura micron pen set,
Sakura gelly roll sets: Glaze + Moon and white classic pen
Copic Markers: 100, 0, w1, w3, w5, w7, c1, c3,c5,c7, e00, e01, e31, r00, rv11, bv00, bg75, bg18, b0000, b01, b05, bg10
Colered Pencils: Crayola – cerulean, turquoise, sky blue, black, slate, gray, silver, sand, peach, tan
Rose Art – pale flesh, soft peach, peach
PrismaColor – white


So the new video is finally up. It took me such a long time to finish it. Mainly because I had to do a intro and ending sequence. I have begun using Sony Vegas Pro, so it took me a while to get used to it. Sadly one thing I noticed was that the more I rendered it, the more the quality of the video went down. So I will have to be careful how I edit videos from now on so that this does not happen again. I apologize for the somewhat blurry quality of the video. As well as for taking long to even post this. I am currently working on the third video so that I wont fall behind, I really want to do this on a weekly basis.

If you notice, I don’t talk throughout the whole video. I figured I would focus on certain things for each video, in a way the highlights or the parts that I thought were important for you guys to know. But, this is what I think you guys want to know. So if you feel there are some things I should touch upon let me know in the comments, and I will integrate it on a future video.

With that out of the way. Now for the actual video. For the first video we will be drawing Kirito from SAO. I figured I would change things a bit more with these new videos and try to challenge my self. For one, I rarely do action poses, so I decided to do it with this drawing. Also, I had some new techniques I have had in my mind for quite some time, so I figured what the heck. There are two things that gave me problems along the way though. For one, some of my Copics ran out of ink part way. And the second, I bought this small sketch book made for water colors so that I could draw backgrounds without using too much of my materials. The problem was that it was not Copic friendly, it was far too corrugated so the ink did not blend well (it left a lot of white spots) so it didn’t look good. I had to spend hours fixing that. I actually planned on having this video up last Friday, but oh well.

Before ending, would you guys like seeing me do the backgrounds as well? Let me know if so.

Hope you guys enjoy the new format, and learn much more this way.



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