I’m back from my trip

I went for the first time to the West Coast and got to see and experience the ocean for the very first time. I also got to see and walk among the sequoia’s. It was a pretty fun trip. Although because of the hikes and car travelling I didn’t get much time to actually draw much. But I did manage to slip some time so I could draw a couple of pieces. I’ll be uploading them over the coming days.

It was fun, but I’m glad I’m back.

Hasta la proxima,


Ten Shin Han Meditation COPIC

This is the colored version of the Ten Shin Han line art I posted here:

It’s been quite a while since I last used Copic markers. There is also a metallic gold pen that I had never tried. In this piece I was contemplating between painting this as either a more realistic style or a stylized one that emulated Buddhist paintings.

Sadly, scanning the finished painting I couldn’t get the color of the gold to pop out correctly. It came out really dark. So I had to edit those golden lines digitally. Which took quite a while… One other problem I ran into was dried up markers. I pushed them to the limit but they did leave streaks on the paper. I decided to leave it as such just to see what kind of effect it would have. Doing large areas is definitely better suited for watercolors.

Hasta la proxima,


Metal Bat inked painted

I just noticed, but this drawing was done almost a year ago. And it has been painted for almost a couple of weeks now. But I kept pushing it back. Maybe I should upload every day instead of only on weekdays. But I do plan on making videos on things beside the speed paints as well, so I’ll see how my schedule ends up looking before I make a decision.

I went for a flat colring style this time. Hmm… Metal Bat looks a bit like Dracula…

Hasta la proxima,


Metal Bat ink and copic

I’ve been doing a couple of paintings these last two days but I won’t be showcasing them till a couple of days later. In the meantime I decided to make a simple and quick drawing. At first I was of doing it completely with ink but ended up doing it with a combination of both. Although I’m sure I could have done a lot more interesting effects I wanted to emulate a smooth color coverage.

As for the reference picture I used, surprisingly I came up with the idea of drawing Metal Bat (one of my favorite S rank members) when I was looking through one of my 80s reference folders. I came upon an ad for the Be-Bop Highschool movie poster. If you look at of the actors named Tōru Nakamura, he looks a lot like Metal Bat. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if he was based off of the actors image in the movie. Which you can look at here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2691/7222/products/12933_abd05aff-36ce-4d72-84be-65e945c0d7da_1024x1024.jpg?v=1584502254

Hasta la proxima,


Obscurus AnimeXCartoon

It’s been snowing and raining where I live this week. I really love the rain, which is why I decided to make a piece with that as the theme. It’s been a while since I last drew Obscurus Nube so wanted to draw him again. This time I wanted to try a simple AnimeXCartoon style like Sh1tty  ‘s. I think if I push it a bit more to the anime style it will look more like the 80s anime style which was more round and soft. By making the darker shades with hatching I can just use one color base and it will still look good. I now know I can emulate real life. There are somethings I still have to learn and master but I think doing stylized artwork will make my art standout more and will be better over all.

Drawn, inked with my G-pen, colored with my COPICs and then made the background with Photoshop.

This is Obscurus from my story “Between Light and Darkness”:


Traditional process:

Digital process:

Hasta la proxima,



Riku KHII Bust

Whenever I have time I have been playing through the Kingdom Hearts series before I go ahead and play Kingdom Hearts III. So far I have finished the original, saw the 358/2 days scenes, I started playing Chain of memories but it was quite straining so I went ahead and saw the scenes on youtube. Anyway I finished Kingdom Hearts II about two weeks ago. And I gotta say, the design for Riku in Kingdom Hearts II was definitely the best version so far. I’ve seen his design in Kingdom Hearts III and so far KHII is still the best. Both with the cloak and the his normal clothes.

As a side note, after finishing Kingdom Hearts II I decided to go back to Chain of Memories and slug through it. I really don’t like quitting. I’m almost done with Sora’s section then there should be a short section where I play as Riku.

Here is the finished piece done with my G pen and my Copics:

I made a quick background with Photoshop and Corel Painter:

References used:


Digital background process:

That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Neo-Geo Land Miss X and Athena

This is the final piece all finally composited together. Making the background sure did take a while. It was all done using Copics. Copics are great but they do have their limitations and require quite a bit of steps in order to have them work the way I want them to. And since covering large areas takes a lot of ink it can be quite an expensive medium. But I wanted to see if I could get a handle on colors and values using nothing but the Copics.

I had to think a good bit about what I wanted the background to be but since I was going for a yanki theme I figured having them in the arcade setting would fit well. I was considering having Athena carrying a bat but decided against that for this one (maybe on another piece sometime in the future). Once I did finish the background I did have to calibrate the colors digitally and also clean up some of the forground objects so that I could place Athena and Miss X behind them. Once I did do that I went ahead and fixed their values so that they fit in with the background and then also added some shadows. 

The final piece:

Reference picture used:

Background process:

Digital process:

Hope you guys like it.

Hasta la proxima,


Athena Asamiya 2nd part of the Miss X project

Last time I drew Miss X and during the time after that I went ahead and fixed some of the issues I had such as the really small feet and also added some more colors and played around with the values.

I’ve seen some artwork online of Miss X and Athena together as a team, kind of like if they were yankees. So the project will be something based on that.

For Athena’s design I wanted to draw her in her school uniform that has the long skirt so she looks even more like a yankee. So I used her design from King of Fighters 94. I really love Athena’s design and her fighting style. She is actually one of my mains.

This is the final drawing:

These are the references used:

These are screenshots I took from the game.

And these are from the official artworks:

This is the process:

Now all that is left is the background.

That’s it for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Revisiting the One Piece Map of 2015

Back in 2015 I worked on a One Piece Map. And although I liked how it turned out, it was too big for me to scan it with my scanner. This led me to capture it with a camera. The problem was that I couldn’t get it quite squared and since it was buckling all over the place, it would still give me problems even if I did square it. At the time I wasn’t too good with Photoshop so I just did a quick fix, but it wasn’t that convincing.

Here is the new edited version:


I don’t know why, but I’ve always like the old map aesthetics.

Here are the original posts that contains the original process:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And here is the process of the new digital process:



I used the puppet transform to fix the buckling that didn’t allow the map to be stretched into the edges.


After doing that, I had to make sure the edges all had the same length. But this means that there is going to be empty areas which I have to fix.


I used the old gold background to fill in the empty spaces.


After that I fixed some mistakes where the ink ran out a bit too much, I believe when I gave it a coffee wash. After that I had to fix the edges so that they meshed well.


One thing that bugged me was the size and placement of the ONE PIECE text on the right corner. So I enlarged the ONE and then moved all the text a little to the right.


That left empty spaces and obvious seems so I had to fix that. First I duplicated the One Piece banner on the bottom layer.


Then I had to go over it with the brush tool to get rid of the seams.


And this is without the fixes.


And with.


And that’s that.

I have some new artwork I did this year, but I thought I would try and update some old artwork along the way now that I have a bit more skill in editing. Though to be fair, back in the day I wanted to do it all traditional so I guess I was apprehensive about editing things digitally.

In any case.

Hasta la proxima,



Trying out an ANIME X CARTOON style: Sayumi Michishige

While looking through Pixiv and some Mexican memes on “Fresh Anime Memes from a Mexican Otaco” I came across two artist that made art that was rather cartoony and “round” and yet also very anime like. I really like it so I wanted to give it a try.

This was done in 8/10/18:

I believe I did this with my dip pen and a pen named Bimoji Fedepen, the hard tip one (there are various types that also go to a brush type that is pretty cool).

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon style linework Cropped resize

This is the reference picture I used. This was from Sayu’s photo book “Mille-feuille”.


I then colored the line art with my Copic markers (process will be shown a bit below). I noticed that I was much too preoccupied with the way the other artist were drawing their eyes from the references (will post them below) I was looking at so she looks a bit angry.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored (color corrected) cropped resize

Noticing that I used, I believe Photoshop to widen her eyes.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored wider eyes (color corrected) cropped resize

I widened them even more, and noticed that there is quite a bit of flexibility with this style so I really want to try out more things to see what I can come up with.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored wider eyes even more (color corrected) cropped resize

These were some of the references I used to try and understand the style.

Artist – Sh1tty:





And here is the process:

IMG_20180809_200352 resize

IMG_20180809_214950 resize

IMG_20180809_215428 resize

IMG_20180809_215841 resize

IMG_20180809_221207 resize

IMG_20180809_221425 resize

IMG_20180809_221654 resize

IMG_20180809_222403 resize

IMG_20180809_223011 resize

When I finished painting this piece and scanning it I had to go ahead and correct the colors that get washed out in the scanning process.

IMG_20180810_141319 resize

After that I began trying out different eye shapes.

That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Hidden Turtle in Monkey’s Eyes


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I am a big Martial Arts movie fan. More specifically Hong Kong Kung Fu movies from the 80s and 90s. Jackie Chan movies being my favorites. So I wanted to try out making an homage poster like artwork. Now one of the other things I really love is the original Dragon Ball (when he was a kid, I say this because people think I mean Dragon Ball Z which was just ok). I want to talk about these two loves of mine a bit more, but I will have to wait on that because I am planning on covering these topics on future videos.

With that out of the way Inspiration came from the gag character Jacky Chun and my love for old Hong Kong films. I chose one of the first movies where sparks of what Jackie Chan would later present to the world, Drunken Master. A 1978 classic Martial Arts film. And since Dragon Ball has many martial arts influences including Drunken Master it would fit perfectly.

There are many poster variations but I ended up picking this one (which I feel might be the original poster).


I really like these old posters where they hand paint them and have really interesting themes and expressions.

This is the rough draft that I originally made while at an anime convention.

Drunken Master rough draft resize

These two are the basis of what I am working with, and next is the process. First are the pictures I took with my phone.


I used Copic Markers for coloring by the way.






























The title of the movie poster is done with a brush, so I wanted to do it traditonally. I measured the center and spaced out three spaces for the characters.


I also tried to emulate brush strokes for the characters.



And now some scans of the process.

Drunken Jackie Chun I resize

Drunken Jackie Chun II resize

Drunken Jackie Chun III resize

Drunken Jackie Chun IV resize

Drunken Jackie Chun V cropped resize

After painting on the title I was contemplating painting on the rest of the text. And well, I tried but soon realized to instead do it digitally.

Drunken Jackie Chun VI resize

I decided to make the text digitally because it would be alot cleaner, the text would be level and wouldn’t be crooked. On top of that, I was trying to have it ready for Nan Desu Kan.

Here is the original poster again:


And here is my finished version:

Hidden Turtle in Monkey's Eyes rough background resize 1080

I tried to emulate as close as I could all the text around the poster (as well as the background texture), I don’t know Chinese (though I did study a bit of it for a semester once, I obviously am nowhere near at the level where I can say I know a little or any really, just a couple of words and phrases) so I had to guess what each sections of the text would mean. For some of them I just added whatever I thought I could cram with references to me and my work.

Here is what each of the characters I typed means (I used Google translate to come up with the characters so it most likely has a lot of typos and misspelled words and phrases):

Hidden Turtle in Monkey's Eyes Meaning of Characters

That concludes the process for this Dragon Ball piece. Hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you on your art journey if even a little.

Hasta la proxima,


Samus Aran artwork (FINALLY)

The past week I have been working on the Metroid drawing and have finally managed to finish it. I’ve notice that I have become much better, but it still takes me a while to make decisions regarding how to go about accomplishing what I have in mind. I have gotten much quicker and know how to get certain effects, but I’ve noticed that as I learn a new technique, another possible technique emerges. Which is good, but it does let me know just how much I have to learn. A small part of me does feel a bit disappointed that I’m not better, but I’m glad that I feel like I can still grow as an artist. One thing I’ve noticed is that papers tend to give different effects. With that in mind, I will be trying out Bristol paper that seems and feels much better (time will tell). In any case here is the Metroid drawing.

So as many people know, Metroid is based on the Alien franchise. Can you believe that I just barely saw those films last year (only the first three, and I believe only the first two are the one’s to watch). Anyway, they both take the viewer to places that explore our fear of being isolated and in constant danger from an unknown force. So I decided to use that as a base for this drawing. I first contemplated about having Samus in a confined area to give the iconic claustrophobic feeling of both the game and the movies (Metroid games/Alien movies). But instead settled on an open world that was isolated giving that same feeling of being alone. As for Samus Aran herself, I wanted her to be struggling in this piece. So I had her exploring the land and showing that even she gets exhausted and has to take breaks along the mission, but she is definitely not defeated. I wanted to add a couple of more effects but worried that the drawing might get too jumbled, so I decided against it.

What do you guys think?

Hasta luego,


Samus Aran I line art resize Samus Aran ii resize Samus Aran III resize Samus Aran IV resizeSamus Aran V resizeSamus Aran VI resizeSamus Aran VII resizeSamus Aran VIII resizeSamus Aran IX resizeSamus Aran X resize Samus Aran XI resize

Print now available.
Print now available.