Kaneda Slide- NOPE

NOPE, I loved this film. I had seen a teaser trailer this one time I went to see a movie in the theater and decided to not watch any more info on it until I went to see it. I’m so glad I did. What was fun was the dissecting of the film afterword. There is just so much going on that makes it so much better and leaves a lasting impact. On top of that, there were many nods and references to a lot of popular media that I love. Including Anime. The two biggest influences being Evangelion and of course Akira. Of course the motorcycle is electric, of course they show the electric meters with the speed and to my amazement in the theater. Of course we see the Kaneda Slide. That brought such a big smile when it happened. Ooof…

Which is why I decided to make it my first piece for NOPE. Looking at the scene where Keke slides, there is a lot of smoke obscuring her feet and the tires. Most likely to hide the rig used to create the motion? So I used the posture and feet placement of Akira’s scene as reference. Getting the bottom of the tires was a bit annoying since I had to make up a lot of the details using references from the Energica SS9 that I found online. I debated whether to have some sparks coming from the front wheel or not, but I felt it was a good touch to better reference Akira.

Hasta la proxima,



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