Marin’s Room Lineart

The anime for Sono Bisque Doll is finally out! And… I love it. The voice actors chosen are great, the colors and art style really fit the beautiful art style of the manga. It really does feel like the actual manga is moving. Animation has gotten to an amazing level. Speaking of animation, one can really see how much effort has been given to this series. This can really be seen in the expressive way Marin moves when she and Goujou are talking in the sewing room. Those little movements in the eyes, lips and ocassional head movements make the animation that more expressive. I really hope this quality is kept throughout the whole season. I do wonder if this is all hand drawn or if 3d anime has gotten this good?

In any case, I have various ideas for this series that I really want to draw. For this piece though, I decided to go for Marin in her room. It really mixes the Gal and Otaku aesthetic. It’s quite fun. Luckily the anime opening has already shown me the colors so I won’t have to spend any time deciding on that.

There’s something I’m still wondering about where I want to take the finished piece though. It’s currently flu season so should I incorporate that as if Goujou went to visit her or should it just be a warm cozy feeling of chilling in bed? I’ll have to decide this once I paint it.

For now, I will be drawing a couple of pieces and leave them ready for painting in the coming days.

Hasta la proxima,


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