Getting ready for the Anime conventions

It took me quite a couple of years before I decided it was time to go ahead and attend an artist alley. And now that I feel it is time to delve into them I have two right out of the gate at the beginning of the year. I won’t lie, not knowing how things will go is a bit unsettling. I’ve seen people cry when they aren’t selling their work. It’s a lot of pressure one has to feel at such events. After all if one doesn’t sell, what does that tell the artist about their artwork? Having said that, I have tempered myself to criticism and failure since I decided to pursue art as a career. I would’ve given up a long time ago if I wasn’t prepared to fail. Really I’m just glad I was given this opportunity to give it a try. Hopefully things go well and I get my name out there.

On another note I have started preparations to register my business with the state of Colorado. Once I’m approved I will apply for a tax licence which is used, of course, to report earnings and pay taxes. This is all new to me (and to some of you, but worry not I will explain the process when I get approved) luckily I had an old friend from high school who has worked with taxes for a couple of years now and lead me to the right forms to get started. I really can’t thank her enough. She has been helping me out before and since I graduated. I hope I can make it up to her soon.

Aside from that I’ve been working on the products and finally cleaned my room. I have this problem where I get so into something I tend to neglect other things. In the case of working I tend to work non stop but put off cleaning the byproduct of my work that it just leaves my whole room a mess. I tend to clean it once a week, but I may just have to do it twice (by that I mean a deep clean). Having paper scraps and whatnot is quite a hindrance.

That should be all for now. Next time I actually want to show you guys what I plan to sell.

Hasta la proxima,

Nube Obscura

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