The Wind Rises – A Lifetime By Your Side

Not that long ago I created this drawing. In fact I’m pretty sure I put it up here and in DeviantArt. But now that I have my trusty scanner I was able to get a good quality scan of my work. On top of that I made sure to make some corrections to it, so it is now it’s final stage. This will be among the couple of artwork that will be put up in my gallery. My goal is to put it up by tomorrow (the power problem is still not fixed so we’ll see).

This was created for a contest, the weird thing is that one had to do so without having seen the movie (The movie was still not available in the States). So we just had the trailer to go from (unless you happened to live in Japan at the time and saw it there). Having seen the movie… I’m actually quite amazed at what I was able to create. It goes very well since this was part of the theme of the movie, which was about there relationship between Jiro and Nahoko (the main them was about Jiro designing planes). What I wanted to do for this piece was show the evolution of the relationship between Jiro and Nahoko over the years. One that was pure, and filled with their emotions for each other. I did not win the contest (though I did figure they would choose something more abstract which they did, plus it seems the judges valued the plane aspect more).

In any case, what do you guys think?

Tomorrow I will be uploading another piece that is actually finished already, it just needed a good scan.

The Wind Rises - A lifetime by your side

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