RE: Ai Takahashi

Sorry I haven’t really posted anything new since RE: Utada Hikaru. I was actually supposed to post this yesterday but I was able to make a lot of changes because I didn’t so it all worked out. This will be a little different from last time so here we go.

This is where we left off.

Because I was doing it as fast as possible I made quite a couple of mistakes and left out a lot of detail which downgraded the finished piece quite a bit.

Now here are a couple of stages where I began to make changes to make it more refined.

First off I began by making the shadows a bit darker and fixing the eyes (which were way off). Another very important detail I had to change was the face, which  I had to elongate from the right side.

Later I began to play around with the tones, making some areas darker and others lighter to make it a bit more realistic.

I kept doing this a couple of times.

Once I got the face with the right tone I wanted I began to lighten the hair with my eraser, kind of like drawing with white lines.

I redid things over and over until I got the desired feel, both in the face and in the hair and body.

When all the main things were done, I began to pay special attention to the small details, that even if one doesn’t expect them to, they actually help give the drawing an amazing finish. I darkened the hair in the light areas, and gave shadows in other parts of the body to give it a more three-demensional feel. I also gave a bit of more shadow to the lips which was very important. And so this is the final stage. So let me know what you think?


As I tought, I still don’t have a good handle on how to use the copic markers. Although theres no way to deny that they are an amazing product, in my hands they seem to lack in rather big way. Hopefully I will be able to tame them soon.

RE: Utada Hikaru

This will be the first in the series of the drawings I went and fixed a couple of things for. I guess the biggest problem was the face. I did not keep the eyes true to how they were meant to look like which is what I worked on first. After that came shading which is very important when trying to make a realistic drawing (although this will make any drawing look even better, realistic or not). Seeing that the shape and size the face and neck also looked a bit too long I had to shorten it a bit until it finally looked just right. Although not my best drawing it isn’t that bad either.

Let me know if you guys can spot a difference at all (the sad thing is that the scanner put too much light into the eyelashes).

My first Copic Markers set.

Last week I bought some Copic Markers on ebay and saved around 150 dollars, this was my first online purchase so I was a bit skeptical on whether they would arrived but they finally did today. They’re a bit used but look in good condition, with this I can finally start coloring my artwork, I trully hope you guys will enjoy it once I start posting picture here.

On a side note, now that I have gotten used to things for the most part, I will be posting more things here besides the youtube videos. After all it really wouldn’t be worth coming here when you guys could just visit my youtube page after all. Hope you look forward to it.

One Step Closer

I’ve noticed that hard work has always paid off in my life. Things have always been hard for me in many aspects but just believing that things will go well if I try my best helps me look and push forward. I was recently asked to showcase my art in an art gallery after some very nice people saw my art. After talking with a couple of people I was allowed to take two whole walls of the gallery to mount my work on. From here on out it’s all about not giving up and walking closer and closer to achieving my dreams. Hopefull, to whoever is reading this, you will be part of it as well.