Confident Futaki and Insecure Koharu

I’m quite enjoying these latest chapters of Watamote and the depth they are giving to the side characters. What was a greater surprise to me was that the attention was directed towards Futaki, aka Emoji mkII. I always liked when she would appear every once in a while so this better look at her character and how she takes gaming super seriously to the point of training is somehow super motivational. For those of us who have a passion we take seriously, this is very relatable. And of course, I’m glad that things are making Koharu Minami look deeper into her personality and her actions. Hopefully she will grow as a person and her relationships with people will truly be genuine.

I decided to paint a scene of them in the weight room since it’s both comical and also a special place for this odd pair-up.

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Watamote Friends

I once again wanted to try a simpler anime style using various layers of multiply layers. I really like the way it came out. Here’s a group shot of the main group currently.

Original drawing can be found here:

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Inktober 2020 10 Hope

When I saw the prompt for today I was thinking of doing something generic like a person clasping their hands but I had a better (and funnier) idea. What about a drawing of Tomoko finally having some friends.
I really love the way the story has been going. I always enjoyed the cringe aspect of the story since loners know firsthand what Tomoko feels, thinks and does in order to get by. But I also really love the way she has developed over the years and has managed to even start making really close friends. There truly is hope out there, even for Tomoko.

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Because I’m not popular I will get possessed

I thought that I had uploaded the process for this piece when it was only a drawing. But maybe not, I couldn’t really find it. In any case this is the final painting which was first drawn traditionally then painted over with Photoshop. Traditional X Digital. This is going to be a long post… Hope you enjoy (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

The original drawing was made quite a while ago but I don’t remember when exactly. Looking at the picture properties it says it was on May of this year but I’m pretty sure it was at the very least done last year… In any case I was thinking of doing it traditionally but cleaning it wouldn’t be enough to erase my mistaken lines. So I decided to hold off till I could paint it digitally in a competent way.

Because I'm not popular I will get possessed resized

This is the line art (which I later had to clean digitally… that took a while (๑⁺᷄д⁺᷅๑)◞՞):

Because I'm not popular I will get possessed V

References used:








This is the neighborhood photo I used for reference (I had edited the colors using Photoshop but I made the mistake of not saving it…. ◍´Д‵◍ )


I wanted to use this color scheme at first, but did use it for inspiration over all.


Rough draft (this was the original idea I had and worked from this):

Kuroko rough draft

Kuroko II rough draft

Kuroko III rough draft

Kuroko IV rough draft

This is the drawing process (Looking at the placement and tools, this truly was a while ago):
















So with the drawing done, finally after so many … months… here is the color process:

Watamote Honedge I

Watamote Honedge II

Watamote Honedge III

Watamote Honedge IV

Watamote Honedge V

Watamote Honedge VI

Watamote Honedge VII

Watamote Honedge VIII

Watamote Honedge IX

Watamote Honedge X

Watamote Honedge XI

Watamote Honedge XII


So at this point I remembered and figured it would be as good time as any to finally fix Yuu chan who I drew too big. If I remember correctly this was one of the reasons I decided to paint it digitally.


Watamote Honedge XIII

Watamote Honedge XIV

Watamote Honedge XV

Watamote Honedge XVI

Watamote Honedge XVII

Watamote Honedge XVIII

Watamote Honedge XIX

Watamote Honedge XX

Watamote Honedge XXI

Watamote Honedge XXII

Watamote Honedge XXIII

Watamote Honedge XXIV

Watamote Honedge XXV

Watamote Honedge XXVI

Watamote Honedge XXVII

Phew… 〝〇〟⊂(`・Δ・´)⊃〝〇〟

That should be all.

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Inktober 2018 #24 Kuroki Tomoko

I really love Watamote. And I really love the development of Kuroki Tomoko. She started out with a skewed view of the world and her place in it, but little by little she started growing up. I think most of the fans tend to resonate with her. We all probably had that moment when we thought or did rather embarrassing things that are hard to think back to, but (at least for me) those experiences make one learn and grow as a person. One can read the manga and look back to one’s own similar experiences and laugh back about it.

Sadly it seems like the anime didn’t rate so well so we only got a season. I loved the anime but it seems like it was taken as a series that was making fun of anime viewers (ahem… otaku…) and people with social deficiencies, would that be the right term? I can see where they are coming from, but for many people like me, it is the exposure and interaction with people that helps with overcoming these problems and looking back at those tough times as a funny moment of my life. But I guess for people who might be stuck in that position it may seem like something else. The OVA also covered some of these issues as well as making fun of the fact that a lot of the popular animes are made up of cliches and generic anime tropes.

All in all, if you haven’t already I truly recommend that you check out the manga which is still ongoing (and has gotten better as it goes) as well as the anime which is a treat to watch. I just warn that you have a strong stomach since it has scenes that are so embarrassing to watch one feels the second hand embarrassment in amazingly high amounts.

Highly recommend it. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Here is the reference picture (as well as a little sample for those who haven’t read/seen it):


And here is the process:











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