Chinami Tokunaga Start of 2022

I really quite liked Chinami’s 2022 photo so I decided to draw her. She always has such pleasing and cheerful expressions. That’s always really refreshing.

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New Year 2022 1st Drawing/Painting

Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Somehow I managed to finish it on time. This is the first drawing of the year. I decided to risk it and rest a bit after work yesterday and start the first drawing/painting of the year on the very first day of the year. Usually I start a day before and finish it on the second. I wasn’t too sure what the subject would be until I noticed that people were posting tiger themed photos on instagram. The tiger is my favorite animal so this actually made ideas flow much easier.

I had the idea of riding the tiger but felt that was a bit cruel. Then I had the idea of the tiger kinda hugging me like my dog does (well except he hugs from the front) and this concept was born. I drew it first without reference to come up with the pose and whatnot. I wanted a hopeful and determined theme, with the strength of the tiger behind our backs. Or something like that. As for the background I wanted to emphasize the winter weather and used a photo that I took years ago of a street where the mountains could be seen with a beautiful sunset.

Let’s do our best this year!

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Goku Bulma Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Managed to finish it. Went for a more anime look. I didn’t quite like the way last years version looked. Looking at it again though, I’m feel it just needs to be refined and it can look much better.

In any case, I wanted to just draw from memory this time to come up with the scenario and poses. I wanted the poses to be a bit more interesting. I debated on whether to have Goku swing from the awning by his tail or hanging by the counter (I of course went with the counter idea). As for Bulma I decided to have her ordering some food. I went for a pose that made it look like she was fidgeting and moving about due to the cold. I went with her outfit she used when they first met Oolong. Which is freaking cool and iconic. I just modified her socks to tights due to the weather.

This year has been something, but I feel grateful that I can still keep going and making my art. Hopefully you guys are doing well. Not much we can do but keep pushing forward. Here’s to a better year. Thank you everyone who has continuously looked at my work and liked it. I hope I can make more art that will bring some positive emotions in the future.

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Goku and Bulma’s New Year’s 2021

The idea I originally had was of Goku returning to Mexico but I decided to to have Bulma tag along this time. In fact, she was the first one to be painted. Well, her car was, then her. The car is from the first chapter of Dragon Ball. Looking online, it seems the car is a Renault 5 Turbo. I’m always amazed at how compact and round Toriyama draws his cars, they look extra cute. The background was painted first which was done very roughly but I wanted the focus on Bulma and Goku so that’s fine.

About 1 or 2 years ago I wanted to make a painting of a Testarossa at night, when I didn’t quite get color theory and how it interacts with each other. So of course that didn’t go very well. But to my surprise, only using the manga panel for reference I managed to paint a good rendition of a car in a night scene with lighting effects and all. Maybe I should give that Testarossa piece another try at some point.

The Renault was apparently meant to be a rally car before it was released as a consumer car so I wanted Bulma to dress like she is travelling across Mexico. I really liked her outfit from chapter 5 (when they first met Oolong). Looking at more panels, there are a couple of details that I could have added but since she is kind of far away it should be fine. As for Goku, I had to think for a while about what he would wear, and I decided to give him a jacket reminicent of Jackie Chan’s jacket from Police Story 4. Looking at Jackies jacket they aren’t really that similar except in the color but I still think it looks good on Goku. As for what Goku is eating, I had him eating some Churros and buñuelos.

Happy New Year!

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First drawing, inking and painting of 2019

I took about a week off from Christmas to New Years but have been working on some new pieces during that time. On around January 3rd I started to work on the first artwork of 2019. Of course I decided to make a drawing/inking/painting of Sayumi Michishige. I had bought her new photobook “Dream” last year but didn’t open it till New Years. I really loved it. Some of the photos are quite magical and give a fairy tale feel.

What I ended up doing was choosing some photos from her “Dream” photobook, Instagram and some others I had stored up. I wasn’t too sure about how I would have done the background but it turned out to be a good opportunity to try out using some patterned papers that I have been collecting over the years. I have been stockpiling them but I haven’t actually used them in anything till now (I tried making one before with The Kubo artwork but it was a failed attempt). I did edit these patterned background, which makes me excited to see what I can do with them. Speaking of the background I wanted to draw the rabbit from the Haro Moni show where they had a segment going on amusement rides to promote merchandise. But I was afraid I would be a little too similar to an amazing painting done by koha . You can check it out here

I really love the way she was painted and the way the rabbit stands in the back. When I finished my painting and I went to look at Koha’s I was surprised at how different our styles and techniques were.

For the color selections I decided to scan my current Copic swatches that I use traditionally to choose colors. From there I used the colors I had closest to what I wanted and edited them as needed. (I would upload the swatches but as I was working with them I noticed that they were a bit off so I need to go through them and make sure the colors are correct).

Here is the final piece:

And just for you guys who stop by here some other versions (I liked the idea that I could change the tights design, heck even the color should be easy to change):

This one is with out any lightening of some lines from the original drawing-

And one with Sayu using a polkadot design instead of the bunnies-

Here are the references used:

This is the main one I used but I obviously edited her pose and added some different clothes (the one on the bottom) –

And here are the rest (the Usa Chan Peace pose being very important):

And this is the patterned paper I used as the base for background –

I didn’t really focus too much on documenting the process because I just wanted to paint without any distractions and just enjoy the process. Having said that, here are the few I pictures of the process I do have:

Sayu as a brunette:

I’ve gotten quite comfortable just painting it all on one layer, at least with these more realistic pieces. The background I do make another separate piece since I can work much faster that way without having to mess with the main subject. I do want to paint Sayu in a traditional medium, I have some Arches water color paper that I have been wanting to use for a couple of months now so hopefully that will be done soon.

And with that I end this first post of the year. Here’s to hoping we have a great year ahead of us, let’s keep working at it.

Hasta la proxima,


Usa Chan Peace! V(⁎˃ᆺ˂)V

Start of a New Year! 2017

I guess since high school I have been doing an art piece especifically for new years. Usually I start it the day before and finish it on the first day of new years. This year though I made 2 before new years (one of them was El Chavo, and the other one I will show below) and the Eri Sawachika one for new years. I’ve been quite busy lately but when it comes to just drawing and not painting the workflow is not that bad and I can move relatively quickly.

This was one of the other pieces I did before new years. Again I was inspired by that video I showed on the last post. It was also done quickly so I made a lot of mistakes, but the biggest is the proportions… especially the “bobblehead”. But I figured I would try and fix it digitally using some techniques I saw online.

Character is Harima Kenji from School Rumble.

I used this reference, but decided to change things up a bit, for some reason had an image of him in a Kung Fu like scenario (like Bruce Lee). Decided to take off his glasses just as an extra challenge.

Bobblehead Harima… I guess I was so focused on the pens that I didn’t think of the proportions especially since I imagined his whole body from the get go and I ran out of space below.:

And here he is with an edited head:

Posture still seems a bit off. But it was just a test anyway so it should be fine as it is for now.

And so having shown both of the pre new years pieces, let’s now focus on the piece I made for and on new years. Again I chose someone from School Rumble. I wanted to do something simple and just modify it for new years (plus I wanted to learn a thing or two from a pro). With that in mind I decided to recreate this scene:

Here is the quick draft (as to be expected it is quite faster to just draw it one time instead of the two times that I usually do, rought draft then a clean final version):

By this point I finally figure out that there was no way I could just copy everything over (so much for just doing a simple piece…) New years in these parts of the world are winter after all, so I had to dress her up appropriately. After a quick search online for winter clothes I came upon this reference picture:

So I decide to use that sweater and that design:

Should’ve stopped by this point and made the rest digitally, but since I wasn’t sure of how I was going to go about it I continued on:

… I didn’t even do any clean designs, I just made some quick lines with no real ideas on the type of knitting. It doesn’t look horrible but I should try harder.

Here it is with the filled out dark parts:

So I got to this point by the end of new years but it was quite late so I had to call it a day.

Time was running low already so at this point I finally decided to mix it up with digital techniques. But for that I had to search up screentones and textures that I had to use. That took a while. On top of that I decided to clean up my messy texture lines so that it would be ready for the knit textures.

Here are the textures and screentones I used:

Then I had to take out the color and change the contrast:

This is the screentone I used to darken areas up:

Since it’s new years, of course I needed some fireworks:

That looked a bit lonely though so I decided to add a cityscape:

I couldve modified the darkness of the fireworks screentone with the cityscape’s lighter sky but that would take too much time, so I decided against it.

This is the final piece, clean and simple (though quite time comsuming due to finding and modifying the screentones, and cleaning up the rough knit lines I made).

Eri Sawachika  Happy New Years 2017 resize

After making the piece smaller and a .jpg it made the cityscape screentone quite choppy.

Aside from the obvious changes I made, I also changed her expression. I wanted her to be contemplative and yet have some hope for the future, thus the small smile.

Anyway, this year has finally started so lets do our best to make our goals successful.

Happy New Year.

And as always

Hasta la proxima,


Happy New Year! (and an update on the current work)

So the new year has started. Man… time flies quite fast once you have grown up, huh? It’s a bit scary, really. But I will make the most of it and become stronger with each passing year. My goal this year is to become a better artist and to make my art and this site popular so that I can make my name known. Hopefully you guys have had a great year and will have an even better one.

Here’s hoping.

As for the drawing, here is a rough draft and the outlines of the final piece. This will probably take a while since it has a lot of detail. Though at the same time because it is drawn in a cartoon style I get quite a bit of leeway.

Adventure Time Rough resizeAdventure Time I resize