Guts Despair and Goodbyes V2

I drew this way back in May of this year as a tribute to Kentaro Miura. Looking at it again though, I wasn’t too happy with how thin Guts looked. So I fixed that digitally with Photoshop. I ten added some more hatching and some screentone.

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Skull Knight Loss

This was originally drawn for Inktober 2020 day 31, but I wasn’t happy with the proportions.
It can be seen here:

I fixed those using PhotoShop and fixed a couple of areas. The hatching was done using Clip Studio.

Skulll Knight’s story was already sad after seeing the brief flash back from one of the latest chapters. But it just got even more sad because we won’t know any more about him due to the tragic loss of Kentaro Miura. We will always have to wonder what his ultimate goals and journey would entail.

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Inktober 2020 31 Crawl Skull Knight

Today’s last drawing for inktober and for Halloween is Skull Knight. Although it makes perfect sense, it’s still sad to see that someone else also suffered because of the God Hand. It’s poetic that both the king and Guts donned the Berserker Armor, which also means that the armor is really old as well. I wonder what the coming chapters will bring us.

Inktober is finally over! Happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe.

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Guts seeking the end of the darkness

I really like painting Guts. I had another idea of painting him traversing through a forest covered in snow. But that idea might get changed when I work on it once the snowy season starts this year. In it’s stead I decided to work on a piece where Guts is travelling through a forest at night, trying to reach the end and seek the warm safety of the light.

This time I’m working with blue as the background which I have yet to fully understand. All the colors work differently here so I had some setbacks at times. What I did in some cases was putting top layers of different shades of blue and used multiply on guts and some of the surroundings to darken areas around the background. After I felt the colors looked good together I then added some other layers to try and mesh Guts with the background. On top of all of that I then added more paint to add highlights and shadows so that I could try and integrate it more as a whole painting. For the end result I wanted to have it look like it is both painted but still has some aspects of the original manga art style. Hopefully I accomplished that.

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Guts One Eyed Berserker Armor

This is another piece piece from Inktober that I wanted to do more work on (it can be seen here). I originally was thinking of inking it all traditionally but when I finished the lineart and was erasing my pencil marks, I was a bit careless which led me to fold it and rip the paper. Having done that I thought it was a great chance to work with Krita again.

I had already inked the berserker armor before, but having done the full armor (minus the left leg) took quite a long time. I can’t even imagine how much it takes to do this for a whole chapter. Specially when drawing multiple characters or detailed backgrounds. After inking and hatching Guts and his armor I decided to use the texture brushes for the background which made the work go much faster. It looked good by the end but I decided to darken the whole piece which I think made it look better.

One thing I wasn’t planning on doing was the helmet. But when looking through the manga I came upon the section when Guts was being consumed by the armor and you could see the head of his inner beast taking form from the cape. I am surprised I don’t remember this scene since it is quite remarkable and stunningly drawn. I’m really glad I found out about it because I feel the overall piece I drew looks much better.

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Inktober 2019 25 Guts One eyed

Today’s theme is “one eyed”. It’s been a while since I did a Berserk piece so I decided to draw Guts again. This time I made up a pose used references after to know how to draw the armor. This one took a long time to draw trying to figure out the way the body would fold and flex, and then the most time consuming was trying to figure out how the armor would look from certain angles. It wasn’t hard, it just took me a couple of tries to try out different angles and shapes. What sucks is that I ripped and folded the paper when I erased the pencil lines. It’s a shame.

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Inktober 2018 #27 Berserker Armor

I’ve been mesmerized by Miura’s artwork when I finally decided to read it I think two years ago. Truth is that I probably would never have given his work a chance if not for my brother. I’ve seen covers and anime previews about Berserk but the promotional videos made it look like a generic anime about a guy that created a lot of bloodshed and gore. And it’s not that the series doesn’t contain this imagery but it is so much more. In short it is a masterpiece. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

The protagonist Guts has so much tribulations and yet despite it all he continues to fight, though more importantly… live.

One of the cool additions to Berserk was the addition of the Berserker Armor. The way it can amplify his ability to fight beings far beyond humans capabilities but at the cost of his body is such an amazing idea. Dragon ball did this back in the 90s with Goku’s Kaoiken but since Toriyama was forced to continue writing all of that was thrown out the window with the Super Sayajin transformation. I really feel that the idea of having to think whether sacrificing ones body would be a good idea or not was a really interesting concept that would have made Dragon Ball Z better. Luckily Miura used this concept in a very interesting way that really makes one feel every fight that Guts has to go through with a lot of anticipation and excitement. If you haven’t given this series a shot please do. Just make sure you are of age since it has a lot of mature themes.

For this drawing I used three different pens. I used the G pen, the felt tip and the brush to paint the cape and the lower body. I was quite surprised that I was able to do everything that I was imagining quite easily. I was worried that I would have had to do Guts cape with my G pen. Thankfully I didn’t have to. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

IMG_20181027_222052 cropped

These are the references used:





And here is the process:

























IMG_20181027_222052 cropped

And with that I end the day… (⌒▽⌒ゞ

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