Flesh Eating Bacteria

Sorry for the abrupt leave of absence. Just my luck to have a horrible ending to last year and a beginning to the new year. My body started showing signs of tenderness and inflammation. After a couple of days toughening it out, I felt that it could be something truly series so I went to the doctor to find out it was a flesh eating bacteria. So that feeling of cuts inside my skin could very well have been cuts made my the bacteria. I had to take a week to recover as i took antibiotics, which is why I wasn’t posting. I’m almost fully recovered, thankfully. Anyway as soon as I could move about freely again I started making a video for a person on Youtube that needed help drawing Misaki Ayuzawa. I also have a rough draft of a drawing that I will be doing in the near future. I will start working as much as I can and add some more material to the page. I’m almost done with the video so I will be working on my own projects very soon.

Sorry for disappearing again.


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