Another person gone

By now most Mexican people know that a very important person has died. Someone who touched the lives of so many people not just in Latin America but around the world. Chespirito. He was a man that Mexicans grew up watching as kids, even to this day despite his shows ending years ago. He brought us the great characters El Chavo del Ocho (who I believe to be his greatest creation), El Chapulin Colorado (one of the the few if not the only superhero that Mexico has made) among many others. His comedy was clean and for everyone. I remember scenes in El Chavo where things would have been tarnished by some stupid perverted joke nowadays but it never went there with him. And that I believe is what created such a powerful bond between his characters and the audience.

It’s sad how one loses things and people over the course of one’s life. It’s a hard process to stomach. It really is. What’s even more sad is that I don’t really know if this will be easier to withstand as the years go by. Though it will be easier to feel numb under such feelings, I also don’t want to become robotic to life around me. Only time will tell I guess.

De cualquier manera. Gracias Roberto Gomez Bolaños . Gracias por acernos reir todos estos años. En verdad nos hisistes la vida mas feliz, traiendo una sonrisa hasta en los dias mas dificiles. Nunca seras olvidado.


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